Friday, 30 April 2010

Top 20 - April 20, 2010

1. Robyn - Dancing On My Own (#1 for 2 weeks)

2. Operator Please - Back and Forth

3. M.I.A - Born Free (NEW!)

4. Slow Club - Our Most Beautiful Friends

5. The Silver Seas - The Best Things In Life (NEW!)

6. The xx - Islands

7. New Pornographers - The Crash Years

8. Operator Please - Like Magic

9. Kate Nash - Do Wah Do

10. Laura Jansen - The End (NEW!)

11. Kids of 88 - Ribbons of Light (NEW!)

12. Angus & Julia Stone - Hold On

13. Laura Marling - Rambling Man

14. Cate Le Bon - Shoeing the Bones (NEW!)

15. Marina & The Diamonds - I Am Not a Robot (Re-Entry)

16. The Black Keys - Tighten Up

17. Sleigh Bells - Tell Em (NEW!)

18. Robyn - Cry When You Get Older (NEW!)

19. Crystal Castles - Doe Deer

20. LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean (NEW!)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock - #8, Meg White

#8 - Meg White

I'll start this one off by letting you know Meg is here as drumming superstar Meg White, not vocalist Meg White. With that out of the way, let's begin. The White Stripes have earned critical acclaim and become one of the most successful alternative bands in the world since they rose to prominence with the release of White Blood Cells in 2001. Much of their success is credited to Jack White's signature vocals, songwriting talents and the amazing things he can do with a guitar. While it is undeniable that Jack White is as true a rock star as there has ever been, you can't forget about Meg and what she contributes to making The White Stripes work.

She creates an essential balance within the group with her sometimes reserved and somewhat limited methods of drumming. There's generally a lot going on in a typical White Stripes song, with Jack's often frantic delivery on vocals and epic guitar riffs. Meg keeps everything together on the drums, exactly what a good drummer is supposed to do. This doesn't mean that she won't let loose at times and when she does it's pretty amazing.

Presence, personality and style all contribute to making Meg a fascinating woman of rock. She always seems so cool, almost aloof to whatever is going on around her. In interviews she'll keep quiet, seemingly too shy to talk about herself but she'll give little bits of information away every now and then, maintaining a feeling of mystery. After keeping quiet for some time, The White Stripes released Under Great White Northern Lights, a documentary following the band on a tour of Canada which has since had a live album released under the same name.

Monday, 26 April 2010

New Music: M.I.A, Robyn + More

M.I.A - Born Free

Maya Arulpragasm returns with the official first single from her untitled third album (to be released in late June), 'Born Free.' It's an interesting new direction for M.I.A, removing any traces of hip-hop and focusing completely on the electronic and rock mediums. She comes across more like Karen O then Missy Elliott, a bold move for the heir-apparent to the hip-hop throne after the huge commercial success that was 'Paper Planes.' A move that will no doubt pay off once the album drops. To check out the music video/mini-movie for 'Born Free' and to grab a free download, head to First Up.

Rating: 4/5

Robyn - Dancing On My Own

Another official comeback, with Robyn dropping 'Dancing On My Own.' This song is modern pop at its very best; a catchy sing and dance-along that you'll want to listen to again and again. It's just as good as her UK #1, 'With Every Heartbeat,' with many calling it the sequel, so if you loved 'With Every Heartbeat' you're going to love 'Dancing On My Own.' Expect to hear a lot more from Robyn in 2010 as this is the first single to be released off of the 3 albums she'll be releasing this year.

Rating: 4/5

Operator Please - Back and Forth

Surprise! Another fantastic comeback single. 'Back and Forth' shows just how far Operator Please have come since 2006's Yes Yes Vindictive as they comfortably move from a heavier indie rock sound to a subtle electronic one where they seem right at home. 'Back and Forth' is a lot of fun and promises good things for the new album, Gloves, which is out now!

Rating: 4/5

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock - #9, Amy Lee

#9 - Amy Lee

Coming in at #9, it's the Gothic Queen of Rock, Amy Lee. Amy IS Evanescence and she has the most powerful voice out of all the women you'll see on this list. Her powerhouse vocals separate her from the countless copycats that have emerged in goth rock since Evanescence rose to prominence in 2003 with the release of Fallen.

The first two singles from the album, 'Bring Me to Life' and 'Going Under,' showed us exactly what Lee brought to the world of rock and shot the band to the top of the charts worldwide. Then came 'My Immortal,' a true showcase for Lee's abilities, both as a songwriter and a vocalist. The album version was a pure piano ballad, yet it was adapted to more of a rock power ballad for its commercial release. 'Everybody's Fool' put the band right back into hard rock and the music video was an insight into Lee's mind showing her thoughts on self image and the commercial world we live in. Fallen would go on to be nominated and lose for Album of the Year at the Grammys but the band wouldn't go home empty handed as they won Best New Artist.

The Open Door, Evanescence's second studio album, would be released in 2006 and went straight to the top of the charts. It sold poorly in comparison to Fallen but was well received critically, many citing the darker direction and Lee's songwriting as its greatest successes. 'Call Me When You're Sober' would be the only chart hit from the album, with 'Lithium' and 'Sweet Sacrifice' finding some success on the alternative rock charts.

Amy has worked on some side projects, singing alongside Korn on 'Freak On a Leash' on their MTV Unplugged set, she recorded 'Broken' with Seether for The Punisher soundtrack (which was a chart success) and contributed her own version of 'Sally's Song' from The Nightmare Before Christmas for Nightmare Revisited, released last year. Her fashion style inspired thousands of emo girls, but I probably shouldn't give her kudos for that. What else... she can rock a guitar, is an amazing pianist and can even bust out a tune on the harp.

Lee has gained an almost diva-like reputation, with several members of the band quitting due to their inability to work with her and she's even fired a couple of others. This would be an issue if anyone actually cared about the other band members, but let's be honest... no one does. Everyone knows that Evanescence's real draw card is Amy Lee. The single 'Together Again' is out now, a Help For Haiti charity song and a new album is to be released this year.

Key Tracks: 'Away From Me' and 'Fields of Innocence' (Origin), 'Tourniquet,' 'Imaginary,' 'Taking Over Me' and 'Bring Me To Life' (Fallen), 'Farther Away' and 'Breathe No More' (Anywhere But Home), 'Call Me When You're Sober,' 'Lithium,' 'Like You,' 'The Last Song I'm Wasting on You,' 'Snow White Queen' and 'Good Enough' (The Open Door), 'Sally's Song' (Nightmare Revisited), 'Together Again.'

Friday, 23 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock - #10, Gwen Stefani

#10 - Gwen Stefani

"I'm just a girl,
Take a good look at me
Just your typical prototype."

The Gwen Stefani of today is super pop in its finest form. No Doubt Gwen is a completely different entity, obtaining commercial success that few female rockers have ever achieved with the release of Tragic Kingdom in 1995. Tragic Kingdom went diamond in the US, eventually selling over 16 million copies worldwide. 'Don't Speak,' the third single off the album, spent a record breaking 16 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart, becoming the band's most popular and signature song.

The overwhelming mainstream success didn't keep up though on follow up album, Return of Saturn, which had less of a pop-rock focus. Gwen showed that she was continuing to grow as a frontwoman and it's here that she was achieving popularity as a fashion icon, a status she maintains to this day. Return of Saturn would receive a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album, losing out to the Foo Fighters There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

Stefani credits Blondie's Debbie Harry as a major influence and this was oh so very clear with the release of Rock Steady. Reggae and Dancehall heavily influenced the album and brought No Doubt back to the forefront of the mainstream. 'Hey Baby' was a massive success, but contained almost nothing of the No Doubt of old and paved the way for Gwen to launch her solo career.

No Doubt has been back on the touring circuit since last year and is back in the studio with an album to be release sometime this year. It could be the career defining album that either solidifies their position as one of the greatest rock bands, more in line with Tragic Kingdom, or takes them further down the road they started with Rock Steady. I'll take option one thanks. Rock Gwen.... rocks.

Top 20 - April 24, 2010

1. Robyn - Dancing On My Own
2. Operator Please - Like Magic
3. The xx - Islands
4. Slow Club - Our Most Brilliant Friends
5. Operator Please - Back And Forth
6. The New Pornographers - The Crash Years
7. Kate Nash - Do Wah Do
8. Angus & Julia Stone - Hold On
9. The Black Keys - Tighten Up
10. Laura Marling - Rambling Man
11. Greg Laswell - Around the Bend
12. Crystal Castles - Doe Deer
13. Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light
14. Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes
15. Massive Attack - Babel
16. Street Sweeper Social Club - Clap For The Killers
17. Powderfinger - Sail the Wildest Stretch
18. Marina & The Diamonds - Hollywood
19. Phantogram - Mouthful of Diamonds
20. Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Disco

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock - #11, Alison Mosshart

#11 - Alison Mosshart

Taking the final spot before the (I'm sure) much anticipated top 10, it's Alison Mosshart! She's been everywhere over the last couple of years with her own work as part of rock duo The Kills, featuring on songs with Placebo, Arctic Monkeys, Primal Scream and The Last Shadow Puppets and of course as the female lead in Jack White's supergroup The Dead Weather.

Alison is slowly creeping into the mainstream consciousness and new albums from The Dead Weather and The Kills should only catapult her to rock superstar levels of fame. Not just a pretty face, Mosshart is a talented songwriter in her own right, even co-writing 8 tracks on The Dead Weather's debut Horehound.

Her voice is versatile, it can be quite sweet or extremely harsh and fits in nicely with different genres. If you're a country fan, check out the fantastic cover The Kills did of Patsy Cline's 'Crazy.' Outstanding.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock - #12, Sarah McLeod

#12 - Sarah McLeod
of The Superjesus

The Superjesus may be long dead and their lead singer may have moved into the club scene but in the 90s and early 2000s Sarah McLeod was the first lady of Australian rock. She had the look, the attitude and the perfect rock voice, like an angel that smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.

A lot of people would say McLeod is a poor choice for the list. The Superjesus released three albums, two of which were minor successes and had no massively popular singles. Her own solo album, 2005s Beauty Was a Tiger, didn't exactly light up the charts either. But it doesn't change the fact that Sarah McLeod was a true rocker, right up to the point that 'He Doesn't Love You' was remixed and went to #1 on the club charts. She was the inspiration behind many Aussie girls picking up a guitar.

If you ever get a chance, track down and listen to Beauty Was a Tiger. Go back and listen to The Superjesus' Sumo and Jet Age. If you're really up for it, look on iTunes for acoustic releases that Sarah has. Hopefully you won't be disappointed.

Countdown: Women Who Rock - #13, Florence Welch

#13 - Florence Welch

At this moment in time, Florence Welch is the most intriguing woman in rock music. Last year's release of Lungs brought the flame haired wonder international acclaim and captivated listeners with beautifully crafted lyrics and fascinating musical arrangements.

She can be a vocal powerhouse ('You've Got the Love' and 'Cosmic Love'), a straight up rocker ('Kiss With a Fist') or she might just cut you up ('Girl With One Eye'). Who doesn't like a crazy chick? Fans can expect to hear some new material by the end of the year, with her sophomore album to be released in 2011. Florence has described the newer tracks as being a bit dancey but quite dark. 2011 can't come soon enough.

Key Tracks: Every single song on Lungs, especially 'You've Got the Love,' 'Cosmic Love,' 'Girl With One Eye,' 'Dog Days Are Over,' and 'Howl.'

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock, #14 - Beth Ditto

#14 - Beth Ditto

She is woman, hear her roar. It's easy to dismiss her as a wreck who really needs to wear more clothes than she does, but there's no denying the girl's got a hell of a lot of talent. And she's got the rock and roll attitude down... Beth Ditto doesn't give a flying fuck what we think of her!

Gossip burst onto the scene in 2006 with the release of 'Standing in the Way of Control,' introducing the world to their headstrong leader Beth Ditto. She's not your typical music star, she's comfortable being a plus sized woman and has become a strong campaigner for gay rights.

But what of her music? Three piece band, Gossip, can tear up the stage and Beth's booming vocals and crazy onstage antics are without a doubt the band's main attractions. 'Heavy Cross,' released last year, brought the band more commercial attention than ever and things can only get better. Expect to see a lot more of Beth Ditto in the future... hopefully not too much.

Sarah Blasko: Live @ 02 Academy, Islington

Who: Sarah Blasko

Where: 02 Academy, Islington

When: 15 April, 2010

One of the things I love the most about London is the fact that you can see some of Australia's biggest acts at cheap prices, in small intimate venues where you don't have to fight to get right to the front. That's what I was thinking, standing in the front row as Sarah Blasko came on the stage Thursday night to a great ovation from the mostly Australian crowd at the 02 Academy.

The Blasko got right into it with 'Down on Love,' the opening track from last year's ARIA Award winning album As Day Follows Night. An interesting choice for an opener, not the most pumping track off the album, but it didn't seem like anyone in the crowd came to rock out to Sarah anyway. Dressed in a vintage frock and looking super cute, Blasko was charming as ever while greeting the crowd and letting everyone know that she was going to play through all of As Day Follows Night before going into some of her older songs.

It's great to see how her voice has evolved over the last six years and she was damn near perfect on every song from her third album. Highlights included 'I Never Knew,' 'No Turning Back,' 'We Won't Run,' and a different take on 'Is My Baby Yours,' done with Sarah and piano as opposed to the usual guitar backing. Afterwards the crowd was treated to a bit of cinema Blasko. First up was 'Something's Gotta Give' from the film Annie Hall, chosen because Sarah has love for 70s Diane Keaton and then her delightful rendition of 'Xanadu.' Blasko described Xanadu as a horrible film, but said she had a lot of love for 70s Olivia Newton John. Sarah Blasko hearts the 1970s.

To finish her set and not wanting to do an encore (because encores aren't cool!), Sarah treated her fans to four of her older songs, including 'Always Worth It,' 'Amazing Things' and finishing with arguably the best song of the night '{explain}.' All in all, a fantastic show lasting close to two hours. Well worth the 15 pound admission price and I can't wait to see her again.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Top 20 - 15 April, 2010

1. Operator Please - Like Magic
2. Slow Club -
Our Most Brilliant Friends
3. Bitches With Wolves - Broken Hearts
4. Angus & Julia Stone - Hold On
5. Kate Nash -
Do Wah Do
6. Massive Attack - Babel
7. Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes
8. The xx - Islands
9. Laura Marling - Rambling Man
10. Arctic Monkeys - Joining the Dots
11. Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce - Telephone
12. Marina & The Diamonds - Hollywood
13. Greg Laswell - Around the Bend
14. Katie Noonan and the Captains - Page One Thanks Bella!
15. Goldfrapp - Alive
16. Hooray For Earth - Surrounded By Your Friends
17. Andrew Belle - Static Waves
18. Florence + The Machine - Hurricane Drunk
19. CocoRosie - Lemonade
20. Ellie Goulding - I'll Hold My Breath

Countdown: Women Who Rock: #15, Cristina Scabbia

#15 - Cristina Scabbia

Hailing from Milan, Italy, Cristina Scabbia is quite possibly the biggest female name on the metal scene. As the frontwoman/co-vocalist of Lacuna Coil, Scabbia has attracted a devoted fan base, which I'm pretty sure has NOTHING to do with the fact that she is smoking hot and can belt out a tune with the best of them.

For those of you that might be a bit turned off by the metal genre, take a look at some of Lacuna Coil's earlier albums like In a Reverie and Comalies which excel through Cristina's melodic vocals against the guitar and drum heavy tunes.

Key Tracks: 'Falling Again' (In a Reverie), 'Heaven's a Lie' (Comalies), 'Our Truth' (Karmacode), 'Spellbound' (Shallow Life).

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock, #16 - Patience Hodgson

#16 - Patience Hodgson

Watching Patience perform on stage is a thing of beauty. She'll bounce around for an entire set, usually in fancy dress (which includes Batgirl, Snow White and the Power Rangers!), and you can't help but take on board her energy and enthusiasm.

But don't let her fun and happy demeanor fool you, the girl can rock. And some of her songs are surprisingly dark, for instance check out 'Feels Like Pain' from The Grates' Gravity Won't Get You High.

Patience has been touring the USA this year promoting the band's second album, Teeth Lost, Hearts Won, and will follow this up with a brand new record sometime in late 2010. Get excited!

Key Tracks: 'Rock Boys,' 'Science is Golden' and 'Inside/Outside' (Gravity Won't Get You High), 'Burn Bridges,' 'Carve Your Name' and 'Two Kinds of Right' (Teeth Lost, Hearts Won).

The Grates - Burn Bridges

Monday, 12 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock, #17 - Juanita Stein

#17 - Juanita Stein

She's mysterious. She's intelligent. She's sexy. Juanita Stein IS the embodiment of the spirit of rock music. When Waikiki left Australia's shores for London, transforming into Howling Bells, no one expected Juanita to become the dark indie goddess that we saw on the Bells' first album.

This girl is cooler than cool. I don't know how to explain her voice other than it is 'the sex.' In a perfect world Howling Bells' third studio album, hopefully to be released in 2010, will bring them all the international attention that they deserve and let Juanita show off to a much larger audience.

Key Tracks: 'Low Happening,' 'Broken Bones' and 'Blessed Night' (Howling Bells), 'Cities Burning Down' and 'Digital Hearts' (Radio Wars).

Howling Bells - Low Happening

Countdown: Women Who Rock, #18 - Sheryl Crow

#18 - Sheryl Crow

The quintessential '90s Americana' Queen of rock. It's almost hard to believe that Tuesday Night Music Club was released in 1994! Wait, what's Tuesday Night Music Club? Um, that's her first album... the one that won Album of the Year at the Grammys. The one that made her a bonafide star and sold over ten million copies worldwide.

An argument could be made that she's more of a pop/country artist than a genuine rock star these days, but in the 90s it was a different story. 'If It Makes You Happy' and 'All I Wanna Do' were crossover hits, making the top 10 in every major market. 'Are You Strong Enough' was a hugely successful rock ballad with country influences. And she did a Bond theme! Sheryl Crow deserves her place on the list and is, today, generally forgotten by music lovers outside of the USA. Shame.

Key Tracks: 'I Shall Believe' (Tuesday Night Music Club), 'If It Makes You Happy' and 'Everday Is A Winding Road' (Sheryl Crow), 'Tomorrow Never Dies,' 'My Favourite Mistake' (The Globe Sessions).

Sheryl Crow - My Favourite Mistake

Countdown: Women Who Rock, #19 - Katy Steele

#19 - Katy Steele

One spot above Ella is another Australian rocker, Katy Steele of Little Birdy fame. Little Birdy burst onto the scene in late 2003 and Katy has been one of the coolest singers to grace the stage ever since. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Ms Steele, try to imagine what Karen O would be like if she was from Australia. Ok, not the best comparison, but whatever.

As you can see from the picture above, the woman can command an audience and has built a reputation for giving fans an unforgettable performance each and every time. Katy can rock a guitar, dresses to impress and has developed herself into one of Australia's most prolific songwriters. Maybe she spent some time learning from brother Luke, of Sleepy Jacksons and Empire of the Sun fame.

Key Tracks: 'Relapse,' 'Excited' and 'Baby Blue' (BigBigLove), 'Please Don't Lay Me Down' and 'Come On, Come On' (Hollywood), 'Brother' (Confetti).
Little Birdy - Brother

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock, #20 - Ella Hooper

#20 - Ella Hooper

Practically all of Killing Heidi's success in the early 2000s can be attributed to that babe of a front woman, Ella Hooper. With her leading the way, the band was able to top the Australian charts and dominate the 2000 ARIA Awards, winning Best Album and Best Group among others.

During Killing Heidi's criminally short career, Ella proved herself a definitive 'rock chick' with her distinct look, her powerful presence onstage and of course, her voice. She's not up to much these days, but you can catch her on Spicks and Specks every now and then and she's still touring with her brother Jesse in their acoustic duo The Verses.

Key Tracks: 'Mascara' and 'Superman/Supergirl' (Reflector), 'Outside of Me' and 'The Days' (Present), 'I Am' and 'Running Underwater' (Killing Heidi).

Killing Heidi - I Am

Friday, 9 April 2010

Don't You Forget About Me #1 - Beautiful Child

Don't You Forget About Me will be a semi-regular feature that I want to run on My Kind of Scene that aims to spark a new interest in songs that many may have forgotten. It could be older than old or something quite new that I fear might be a little overlooked. Whatever it is, I urge you to give the tracks a listen... you might fall in love with a song all over again, you might remember exactly why you really didn't like that song, or you might even find something you've never heard before. For the first edition I've chosen 'Beautiful Child' by Fleetwood Mac. Enjoy!

Fleetwood Mac - Beautiful Child

Fleetwood Mac have an extensive catalogue of hits to their name going all the way back to the 1970s. Everyone knows the big hits; 'Go Your Own Way,' 'Dreams,' 'Rhiannon,' 'Gold Dust Woman,' 'Landslide.' So it's really no surprise that 'Beautiful Child,' a track from their supersized third album Tusk has been overlooked during the past twenty years. Actually, it's not a surprise, it's pretty much a major shock that this song isn't as popular as any of the more famous tracks listed above.

It starts off slow, a simple piano melody accompanied by acoustic guitar. Stevie Nicks' soft, smokey voice enters and sets up the scene. Young girl falls for older man, but it's a love that's not to be. It's all about escalation from here on in. Everything keeps building up, Nicks' voice becomes more powerful, the drums are being hit just a fraction harder, but never does it feel like it's too much. Clocking in at over five minutes you have time to really invest yourself in just how beautiful this song really is. I can't put into words how much I love everything about this song, the lyrics, the emotion and desperation that Stevie Nicks can put into her voice and that simple little piano melody that remains throughout. Listen to the song from beginning to end, it's five minutes of your day but it's well worth the investment. The recorded version is flawless, but I've posted a live version so you can check out just how effortless Fleetwood Mac make performing look.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Music From: Christina Aguilera, Kelis

Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight

Poor Christina. It's almost as if she's accepted that it's a Gaga world and everyone else is simply living in it. 'Not Myself Tonight,' the first major release off her new album Bionic, is Xtina's attempt at staking her place in the fashionable realm of electro-pop, already populated by much more well suited vocalists like Little Boots, Roisin Murphy and the mighty Lady Gaga herself. There's not much to the song, Aguilera warbles over some fully sick electric beats about how she's just not the same girl we used to know, "and if you don't like it fuck you." Classy.

The main problem I have with 'Not Myself Tonight' is that the original Dirrty girl is selling herself just a little too short. She's got a powerful, distinct voice. She knows this. We know this. So what is she doing with it? Nothing. Christina Aguilera separated herself from the Britney's of the world by utilizing her greatest asset (her voice, not her amazing skank powers). Without the voice, all she's doing on this track is coming across like Nu-Gaga. At the end of the day this song's going to get a ton of airplay, people will get drunk and dance to it at the clubs (myself included) and it will probably chart well, being the big comeback song and all. But this doesn't bode well for Bionic being the commercial AND critical success that past albums like Stripped and Back to Basics were.

Rating: 2/5

Kelis - Acapella

I've always had a soft spot for Kelis. She's a bad ass. You don't think so? Do you remember 'Caught Out There?' She was so angry back then. Of course commercial success wouldn't come until she showed us on sophomore album Tasty that her milkshake is better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours. Even that success was short-lived with follow-up album Kelis Was Here not meeting record label expectations. You've got to give her credit though because she's back again with the pumping club track 'Acapella.' Produced by some random named David Guetta, the track is starting to get some serious play and not only in the clubs! Guetta worked wonders for Kelly Rowland and the Black Eyed Peas last year and it looks like Kelis is next to benefit from some studio time with the guy. 'Acapella' isn't in the league of any of Kelis' major singles like 'Caught Out There,' 'Milkshake,' or 'Bossy,' but it's a decent enough dance song that's bringing her widespread success.

Rating: 3/5

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Top 20 - April 6, 2010

1. Bitches With Wolves - Broken Hearts
2. Kate Nash - Do Wah Doo
3. Arctic Monkeys - Joining the Dots
4. Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce - Telephone
5. Marina & The Diamonds - Hollywood
6. Florence + The Machine - Hurricane Drunk
7. Goldfrapp - Alive
8. Powderfinger - Sail the Wildest Stretch
9. Ellie Goulding - I'll Hold My Breath
10. CocoRosie - Lemonade
11. Kasabian - Vlad the Impaler
12. Kelis - Acapella
13. Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane
14. Gorillaz ft. Little Dragon - Empire Ants
15. Hot Chip - I Feel Better
16. Monarchy - Phoenix Alive
17. Robyn - Fembot
18. Operator Please - Logic
19. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - I Learned the Hard Way
20. Hole - Skinny Little Bitch

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