Thursday, 15 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock: #15, Cristina Scabbia

#15 - Cristina Scabbia

Hailing from Milan, Italy, Cristina Scabbia is quite possibly the biggest female name on the metal scene. As the frontwoman/co-vocalist of Lacuna Coil, Scabbia has attracted a devoted fan base, which I'm pretty sure has NOTHING to do with the fact that she is smoking hot and can belt out a tune with the best of them.

For those of you that might be a bit turned off by the metal genre, take a look at some of Lacuna Coil's earlier albums like In a Reverie and Comalies which excel through Cristina's melodic vocals against the guitar and drum heavy tunes.

Key Tracks: 'Falling Again' (In a Reverie), 'Heaven's a Lie' (Comalies), 'Our Truth' (Karmacode), 'Spellbound' (Shallow Life).

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