Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Countdown: Women Who Rock - #8, Meg White

#8 - Meg White

I'll start this one off by letting you know Meg is here as drumming superstar Meg White, not vocalist Meg White. With that out of the way, let's begin. The White Stripes have earned critical acclaim and become one of the most successful alternative bands in the world since they rose to prominence with the release of White Blood Cells in 2001. Much of their success is credited to Jack White's signature vocals, songwriting talents and the amazing things he can do with a guitar. While it is undeniable that Jack White is as true a rock star as there has ever been, you can't forget about Meg and what she contributes to making The White Stripes work.

She creates an essential balance within the group with her sometimes reserved and somewhat limited methods of drumming. There's generally a lot going on in a typical White Stripes song, with Jack's often frantic delivery on vocals and epic guitar riffs. Meg keeps everything together on the drums, exactly what a good drummer is supposed to do. This doesn't mean that she won't let loose at times and when she does it's pretty amazing.

Presence, personality and style all contribute to making Meg a fascinating woman of rock. She always seems so cool, almost aloof to whatever is going on around her. In interviews she'll keep quiet, seemingly too shy to talk about herself but she'll give little bits of information away every now and then, maintaining a feeling of mystery. After keeping quiet for some time, The White Stripes released Under Great White Northern Lights, a documentary following the band on a tour of Canada which has since had a live album released under the same name.

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