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Countdown: Women Who Rock - #9, Amy Lee

#9 - Amy Lee

Coming in at #9, it's the Gothic Queen of Rock, Amy Lee. Amy IS Evanescence and she has the most powerful voice out of all the women you'll see on this list. Her powerhouse vocals separate her from the countless copycats that have emerged in goth rock since Evanescence rose to prominence in 2003 with the release of Fallen.

The first two singles from the album, 'Bring Me to Life' and 'Going Under,' showed us exactly what Lee brought to the world of rock and shot the band to the top of the charts worldwide. Then came 'My Immortal,' a true showcase for Lee's abilities, both as a songwriter and a vocalist. The album version was a pure piano ballad, yet it was adapted to more of a rock power ballad for its commercial release. 'Everybody's Fool' put the band right back into hard rock and the music video was an insight into Lee's mind showing her thoughts on self image and the commercial world we live in. Fallen would go on to be nominated and lose for Album of the Year at the Grammys but the band wouldn't go home empty handed as they won Best New Artist.

The Open Door, Evanescence's second studio album, would be released in 2006 and went straight to the top of the charts. It sold poorly in comparison to Fallen but was well received critically, many citing the darker direction and Lee's songwriting as its greatest successes. 'Call Me When You're Sober' would be the only chart hit from the album, with 'Lithium' and 'Sweet Sacrifice' finding some success on the alternative rock charts.

Amy has worked on some side projects, singing alongside Korn on 'Freak On a Leash' on their MTV Unplugged set, she recorded 'Broken' with Seether for The Punisher soundtrack (which was a chart success) and contributed her own version of 'Sally's Song' from The Nightmare Before Christmas for Nightmare Revisited, released last year. Her fashion style inspired thousands of emo girls, but I probably shouldn't give her kudos for that. What else... she can rock a guitar, is an amazing pianist and can even bust out a tune on the harp.

Lee has gained an almost diva-like reputation, with several members of the band quitting due to their inability to work with her and she's even fired a couple of others. This would be an issue if anyone actually cared about the other band members, but let's be honest... no one does. Everyone knows that Evanescence's real draw card is Amy Lee. The single 'Together Again' is out now, a Help For Haiti charity song and a new album is to be released this year.

Key Tracks: 'Away From Me' and 'Fields of Innocence' (Origin), 'Tourniquet,' 'Imaginary,' 'Taking Over Me' and 'Bring Me To Life' (Fallen), 'Farther Away' and 'Breathe No More' (Anywhere But Home), 'Call Me When You're Sober,' 'Lithium,' 'Like You,' 'The Last Song I'm Wasting on You,' 'Snow White Queen' and 'Good Enough' (The Open Door), 'Sally's Song' (Nightmare Revisited), 'Together Again.'

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