Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sarah Blasko: Live @ 02 Academy, Islington

Who: Sarah Blasko

Where: 02 Academy, Islington

When: 15 April, 2010

One of the things I love the most about London is the fact that you can see some of Australia's biggest acts at cheap prices, in small intimate venues where you don't have to fight to get right to the front. That's what I was thinking, standing in the front row as Sarah Blasko came on the stage Thursday night to a great ovation from the mostly Australian crowd at the 02 Academy.

The Blasko got right into it with 'Down on Love,' the opening track from last year's ARIA Award winning album As Day Follows Night. An interesting choice for an opener, not the most pumping track off the album, but it didn't seem like anyone in the crowd came to rock out to Sarah anyway. Dressed in a vintage frock and looking super cute, Blasko was charming as ever while greeting the crowd and letting everyone know that she was going to play through all of As Day Follows Night before going into some of her older songs.

It's great to see how her voice has evolved over the last six years and she was damn near perfect on every song from her third album. Highlights included 'I Never Knew,' 'No Turning Back,' 'We Won't Run,' and a different take on 'Is My Baby Yours,' done with Sarah and piano as opposed to the usual guitar backing. Afterwards the crowd was treated to a bit of cinema Blasko. First up was 'Something's Gotta Give' from the film Annie Hall, chosen because Sarah has love for 70s Diane Keaton and then her delightful rendition of 'Xanadu.' Blasko described Xanadu as a horrible film, but said she had a lot of love for 70s Olivia Newton John. Sarah Blasko hearts the 1970s.

To finish her set and not wanting to do an encore (because encores aren't cool!), Sarah treated her fans to four of her older songs, including 'Always Worth It,' 'Amazing Things' and finishing with arguably the best song of the night '{explain}.' All in all, a fantastic show lasting close to two hours. Well worth the 15 pound admission price and I can't wait to see her again.

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