Sunday, 4 July 2010

Countdown: I'm A Gleek, #10 - 1

You've had the chance to read through numbers 20 to 11, now here's the top 10 musical moments on Glee!

#10 - Somebody To Love (New Directions)
originally by Queen

Rachel makes her return to the Glee Club and they finally start to look like a threat going into Sectionals. Finn, Rachel, Artie and Mercedes delivered top notch vocals that made 'Somebody To Love' one of the best moments in season one.

9. Don't Stop Believing (New Directions)
originally by Journey

Journey owe Glee big time. They've enjoyed something of a career resurgence since the pilot episode ended with New Directions singing 'Don't Stop Believing.' The cover would sell over 500, 000 copies in the US alone and will continue to be played in clubs probably until the end of time (one can hope). 'Don't Stop Believing' will likely be the most remembered song when Glee's time is up, but it's hardly THE best.

originally by The 5th Dimension and originally by Dionne Warwick

April Rhodes would return to the show a new woman, a mistress in possession of a roller disco. Before spending the night in Will's bed, the two provided the best mash-up in the season in the form of 'One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home.' Matthew Morrison has an awesome voice when he's not trying to be Vanilla Ice and Chenoweth delivers the goods once more as April. I'm looking forward to her return in season 2. April & Will's version of 'A House Is Not A Home' dominates Kurt and Finn's.

originally by Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra

Ending an episode about the characters dreams for the future with 'Dream A Little Dream Of Me' sounds perfect. And it is. Except it's perfectly depressing as Artie sings it while watching his girlfriend Tina dancing with Mike Chang, dancing being Artie's dream for the future. So sad. So good though.

6. Defying Gravity (Kurt & Rachel)
originally from Wicked

It's Kurt vs Rachel for the right to sing 'Defying Gravity' solo. Watching Kurt throw the competition by blowing the high note was pretty rough, but at the end of the day Rachel was better anyway. I don't know too much about Wicked, but these two delivered some outstanding vocals and the emotion and story in the song is perfect for the episode.

originally from Dream Girls

Mercedes, played by Amber Riley, can hit the high notes like nobody else on the show. Case in point, her performance of 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going.' Jennifer Hudson won an Academy Award singing this song, so you wouldn't even make an attempt unless you could bring it. And bring it Mercedes did. Rachel happily gave the soloist position for Sectionals over to Mercedes after her performance. That didn't exactly work out as planned, but hopefully in season 2 we'll be seeing many, many more solos from Mercedes.

4. I Dreamed A Dream (Rachel & Shelby)
originally from Les Miserables

Getting Idina Menzel to play Rachel's birth mother was some of the finest casting ever. Not only do the two bear an amazing physical resemblance to one another, but they have two of the best voices in show business. The song itself speaks directly to the story of Shelby giving up Rachel for adoption and her sudden reappearance in her life. Vocally, this could be the show's finest hour. It certainly erases any memory of Susan Boyle's performance.

3. Rose's Turn (Kurt)
originally from Gypsy

As a character, Kurt is all over the place. One week he can be the best thing about the show and the next, the worst. There's no denying though that his performance of 'Rose's Turn' is awesome and perfect for the character. His insanely emotional overreaction to his Dad taking Finn to a football game was 100% TV gold and could earn Chris Colfer an Emmy nomination when the nominees are announced on Thursday.

originally by Journey

Like I said, Journey owe Glee BIG TIME. New Directions gave us the performance of a lifetime at Regionals in the form of a Journey Medley, even though they knew they had little chance of winning. Everything about this was perfect. 'Faithfully' tied up Rachel & Finn's love story throughout season one (even though we should assume that trouble is looming when Rachel finds out Finn slept with Santana). 'Anyway You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' was fun and 'Don't Stop Believing' was the icing on the cake. It took us right back to the first episode and had the originals (Rachel, Finn, Tina, Kurt, Artie & Mercedes) front and center to kick it off. Santana, Puck and Artie getting a bit of solo time was a nice touch.

originally from Funny Girl

As good as Regionals was, Sectionals was better (and a better episode to boot!). Sue Sylvester leaked the New Directions setlist to the Haverbrook Deaf Choir and Eve's last chance girls school, leaving them with no original routine. Mercedes gave up her solo position to Rachel because, let's face it, Rachel has the best voice in the show. And she proved it with 'Don't Rain On My Parade.' This was edge of your seat stuff, you could smell the anticipation in the air before Rachel bursts through the curtain and delivered a star making performance and the best throughout the entire first season. Outstanding.


  1. Haha gleek indeed! I'm also a self confessed gleek and LOVED Mercedes' rendition of 'And I am Telling You I'm Not Going', amazing and she just hit every note perfectly.

  2. Yeah, she's pretty much amazing!


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