Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Top 200 Songs of the 1990s, #170 - 161

What's on tap for today? Looks like a whole lot of 90s rock and just a small side of pop...

#170 - Your Woman (1997)
by White Town

There were a whole lot of great one hit wonders throughout the 90s. I'm sure you've noticed a couple of them so far in the countdown and there's still a couple more to come. Here, at a respectable #170, is White Town's 'Your Woman,' which made an impact by topping the UK singles charts and going top 5 in Australia.

#169 - Violet (1995)
by Hole

'Violet' is not only one of Hole's best tracks, it's one of the best rock songs of all time. Say what you want about Courtney Love, but she was an amazing performer and she managed to put out quality tracks like this even in the wake of her husbands suicide in 1994.

#168 - Never Is A Promise (1997)
by Fiona Apple

The lyrics, the piano and Apple's subdued vocals create one of the better pop ballads to come out of the 90s.

#167 - Goodnight Elisabeth (1996)
by Counting Crows

'Mr Jones' may be one of the biggest selling songs of the 90s, but it doesn't even slightly compare to how well written and structured 'Goodnight Elisabeth' is.

#166 - Building a Mystery (1997)
by Sarah McLachlan

#165 - Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) (1999)
by Blessid Union of Souls

Great chorus and some choice lines like, "I like her for her, not because she's fat like Cindy Crawford."

#164 - Mascara (1999)
by Killing Heidi

#163 - Tomorrow (1994)
by Silverchair

Australia's greatest grunge song, which saw the 15 year old band members being touted as the second coming of Nirvana. That didnt' exactly play out (probably because Grunge was slowly fading from the top of the charts) but luckily Silverchair were able to adapt enough to stay in the public eye for the next decade. They wouldn't emulate the same success they found with 'Tomorrow' though, which stayed at #1 for six weeks in Australia and charted in the UK and US, even topping the US Billboard Rock charts.

#162 - Pure Morning (1998)
by Placebo

One of, if not the best alternative band to emerge in the second half of the 90s, Placebo came into their own with second album, Without You I'm Nothing. 'Pure Morning' was the band's first taste of real success, getting them a lot of attention from US Alternative markets. The video is intense.

#161 - Weak (1996)
by Skunk Anansie

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