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Top 200 Songs of the 1990s, #50 - 41

We're finally into the Top 50!!! Broken up into convenient 10 song installments, you're going to be reading about 50 songs from the 1990s that I love the most. Get excited!

#50 - Not an Addict (1996)
by K's Choice

Who? K's Choice. Yeah, they're from Belgium, the land of chocolate. You might not have heard of them, but after listening to 'Not an Addict' you're going to be wondering how you've lived without them. As the song title indicates, it's about addiction and it's a stupendously wonderful piece of post-grunge rock. The lyrics are so good, "I'm not an addict, it's cool, I feel alive, if you don't have it you're on the other side, I'm not an addict... maybe that's a lie." Outstanding.

#49 - The Day You Come (1998)
by Powderfinger

I'm pretty devastated that I can't find the music video for this anywhere on YouTube. Oh well, the song's there and that's what's really important. APRA named it one of the 30 best Australian songs of all-time, with good reason. 'The Day You Come' would also win an ARIA for Song of the Year in 1999!

#48 - One Headlight (1997)
by The Wallflowers

'One Headlight,' one-hit wonder. The jokes write themselves. Well, that one joke writes itself. It's one of those songs that everyone can somehow remember the words to without ever really listening to it. Not in a catchy trash-pop stuck in your head kind of way. And that's a compliment... I think.

#47 - Vogue (1990)
by Madonna

Tracks like 'Vogue' are why the woman is actually the undisputed Queen of Pop. Sue Sylvester's cover on Glee was amazing, but doesn't touch how good the original is. 'Vogue' has been the inspiration behind many pop starlets over the years. For a recent example you need to look no further than Lady Gaga's latest single 'Dance In The Dark,' or her video for 'Alejandro.'

#46 - Heart-Shaped Box (1993)
by Nirvana

Released as the first single from their third and final album, In Utero, 'Heart-Shaped Box' would be regarded as one of the best songs in Nirvana's catalogue. Do you know why? Because it's incredible, that's why. Lyrically it's a masterpiece. Trying to figure out what he's singing about can take you down many different roads. Apparently Cobain was inspired to write this after watching a documentary about kids with cancer and how depressed he felt while viewing it.

#45 - Silence (1999)
by Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan

Tiesto's remix would see it become one of the Top 100 Ibiza party anthems, but the original versions are infinitely better. Slower, more trance like, they don't completely destroy McLachlan's powerful vocals. If you can find the original-original version (complete with Gregorian Chant) it's well worth a listen. "In this white-wave, I am sinking, in this silence."

#44 - Uninvited (1998)
by Alanis Morissette

City of Angels soundtrack... you are 3 for 3. And still I wasn't inspired to go out and watch the movie. It's the Nicolas Cage factor. 'Uninvited' was Morissette's first release following the huge success that was Jagged Little Pill and fans ate it up. It's got a bit of an epic feel going and is PERFECT for a movie. Well done Alanis... well done.

#43 - Criminal (1997)
by Fiona Apple

Oh the sexuality that is found in Fiona Apple's voice is just... neat. There's not enough piano-driven rock these days. Bring it back already!

#42 - Dammit (1997)
by Blink-182

A song every teenager will love at some point. If Blink's new album had a song half as good as 'Dammit' I would consider it a success. I never realised that Travis Barker wasn't always the band's drummer. The other guy looks so normal and tattoo-less.

#41 - Lovefool (1996)
by The Cardigans

"Love me, love me... say that you love me. Fool me, fool me... go on and fool me." If you don't like this song I invite you to explain why in the comment section below. I won't really care about what you write though, I'll be too busy feeling sorry for you and your lack of a soul.

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