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Top 200 Songs of the 1990s - #60 - 51

All aboard, because it's the last stop before the all-important top 50, boys and girls! After this post we're 3/4 of the way through the countdown, which will sadly bring us closer to the end of unofficial 90s month here at It's My Kind of Scene. I think after this month I'll have to put a moratorium on 90s music for a little bit. Or not. Alright, mobile phones off please... the show's about to begin!

#60 - The Boy Is Mine (1998)
by Brandy & Monica

Collaborations between two superstars weren't as common during the 90s as they are these days, which made them all the more special. Brandy & Monica teamed up for 'The Boy Is Mine,' leading to them spending a massive 13 weeks at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 in the Summer of 98. It was the first #1 song for both artists who have sadly slipped away from the public consciousness in recent years. Mekhi Phifer seems to want to stereotype himself as 'the serial cheating jerk boyfriend.' He played the same role in En Vogue's 'Don't Let Go' video. He seems to have sort of learnt his lesson, he's only messing around with two girls instead of four now. Nice.

#59 - Cornflake Girl (1994)
by Tori Amos

More people need to invest a couple of hours in listening to Tori Amos' catalogue of music. Tunes like 'Cornflake Girl' seem years ahead of their time. Oh, and they're AWESOME.

#58 - Every You, Every Me (1999)
by Placebo

Oh... sweet... Jesus. Sarah Michelle Gellar was smoking hot in Cruel Intentions. What? The song? Yeah, yeah it's real good.

#57 - Sway (1997)
by Bic Runga

'Sway' is one of those criminally underrated pop songs that should have been a mega-hit, but for one reason or another it never got to that level. It's perfectly crafted; Runga's voice, the lyrics and even the video which in its own way promotes stalking. Bic has continued to release material in her native New Zealand and has become one of their biggest stars. Think of her as the NZ Missy Higgins or uh, Norah Jones (without the jazz) for UK readers.

#56 - Always (1994)
by Bon Jovi

Yes, yes, yes! THIS is a rock ballad my friends. Bon Jovi may have had the bigger hits in the 80s, but the group tore up the charts with this one and launched the career of Keri Russell aka Felicity aka the homewrecker in this video.

#55 - Breathe (1996)
by The Prodigy

Have you ever been in a club when this comes on? The ensuing insanity can be one of the most exciting 4 minute periods in your entire life.

#54 - Glycerine (1995)
by Bush

Hey, it's Gwen Stefani's husband! I must have listened to this song a thousand times before I noticed there weren't any drums in it.

#53 - Enter Sandman (1991)
by Metallica

Before becoming mortal enemies with Napster and internet downloaders, Metallica were just the bestest little metal rockers in the whole world. 'Enter Sandman' would propel the band into superstardom, with sales of the album Metallica exceeding 25 million. Not too shabby. As a side note, please don't play this song to children prone to nightmares. Or, if you want to scare the crap out of a kid prone to nightmares, play this!

#52 - 1979 (1996)
by Smashing Pumpkins

If this doesn't stir some sort of memory or emotion in you... then I'm assuming you've never heard it. So you won't get it. So there. The Pumpkins 'nicest' song I guess... it's like chicken soup for the ears.

#51 - My Hero (1998)
by Foo Fighters

About time the Foo Fighters showed up. I always thought that Dave Grohl had written this song about Kurt Cobain but I don't know why. I'm pretty sure it's never been said that he intended this as a tribute. Still, it's a really cool track and the first of two Foo Fighters songs that will place on the list. Genius level intellect is not necessary to figure out what the second one's going to be.

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