Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Around the World - Australia

Another day, another new random feature here on It's My Kind of Scene. This particular idea goes all the way back to World Idol in 2003. Do you remember World Idol? Maybe you're lucky and found a way to blank it from your memory. Why would you do such a thing? Because it was rubbish. Memorable moments included Kelly Clarkson's massive WTF when she didn't win and the German dude that sang 'Maniac.' That wasn't actually memorable, it was hilarious (not the intentional kind). So, I'm watching World Idol thinking how cool it would be to see a music world cup with, you know, real music stars. How about running it like tennis' Hopman Cup, where you put forward a man, woman and group? Eminem, Beyonce and Kings of Leon vs Jose Gonzales, Robyn and The Hives. Or Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and The White Stripes vs The Tallest Man on Earth, Lykke Li and The Knife. Those are some USA vs Sweden rounds I could get behind. As a television competition, it would be amazing. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to put it on at this time but give me a couple of years and we'll see. What? No, I am not a crazy person.

So, unless you've got a way of helping me to make this happen, you're just going to have to settle for me choosing contestants that I think would do a fine job of representing the places they call home. Over the next couple of weeks you'll be introduced to some artists from different countries that you (and I) have probably never heard of before, probably because they're not singing in English. We're going to kick things off with the greatest country in the world... Australia! Alrighty then, let's meet our lucky contestants...


Male Artist - Bernard Fanning

Fanno! Bernard's got a very distinct voice that could very well separate him from his competition and leave a lasting impression in the minds of judges and viewers around the world. With Powderfinger sadly saying goodbye this year, it's about time their lead singer went back to the studio to record his second solo album. If he's got enough time, he's got the ability to write a song that couldn't lose.

Female Artist - Missy Higgins

MIGGINS!! I can see Australia wanting a real "Aussie" presence at the competition and they don't come more "Aussie" than Missy Higgins. Like Fanning, she's a pro singer/songwriter, she's very likable and would do her best to do Australia proud. While she's achieved some success in the USA, singing at an event like this would (finally) launch her to the rest of the world... and they'd be better for it.

Group - The Presets

Why? Because they would kill it. That's why. I want to see what they could do when they know the whole world is watching. If you've seen them live, you know it would be amazing.

Who could you see representing Australia? Would you rather Sarah Blasko to Missy Higgins? Nick Cave to Bernard Fanning? What about Silverchair or AC/DC instead of The Presets? Let me know what you think and stay tuned because next time, we're going to New Zealand!


  1. Kasey Chambers! How could you leave the Chamber Pot out?

  2. The Chamber Pot? haha love it. I didn't realise you had such respect for her these days Guy.


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