Sunday, 26 September 2010

Around the World - Denmark

Welcome to Denmark, the land of chocolate! No wait... that's Belgium. Welcome to Denmark, the second happiest, safest and least corrupt place on earth! It's where Metallica's Lars Ulrich was born and more importantly, it gave us one of the most critically lauded, groundbreaking groups of our time... Aqua! What are we doing here? Well kids we're back on our world tour, finding one male artist, female artist and group to represent different countries in an ultimate battle for musical supremacy. So far we've made stops in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden and Germany. Today, it's all about the Danish, so grab some delicious pastries and enjoy the show...

Male Artist - Claus Hempler

This dude's pretty cool. When he goes for high notes he looks like David Bowie. That's good enough to get him a spot on the team and will likely earn him points from judges too. Everyone loves Bowie.

Female Artist - Tina Dico

Tina Dico seems like Denmark's answer to Laura Marling. A beautiful, folky singer with catchy tunes. 'No Time To Sleep' is an incredible song and was featured on Grey's Anatomy.

Group - The Raveonettes

Unfortunately, Aqua was unavailable, so we decided to settle for The Raveonettes. They've been busy making a name for themselves since 2002 and the alternative duo dropped their last album, In and Out of Control, last year.

You've met the contenders, so, how do you think Denmark will do when the eyes of the world are watching them perform? Do they stand a chance against the countries we've already covered? And, do they stand a chance against our next team... the USA?! See you next time gentle viewers...

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  1. There is this guy who does cool indie/rock type mixtapes for download on his blog called Box Set Go

    He did a whole series on "Song from Northern Europe" - including one on Denmark

    I didn't download that one but did download the Iceland and Norwegian ones and both were pretty cool.

    He seems to have stop updating it now though which is a shame - you'll have to fill the gap Matt!


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