Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Around the World - New Zealand

Welcome back to It's My Kind of Scene's world tour, in which we'll be selecting one male artist, female artist and group to represent each country in a battle for musical dominance! On our last stop we met Team Australia (Bernard Fanning, Missy Higgins and The Presets). Now we're taking the short flight to New Zealand to meet our second group of contestants. Are you ready to find out who will be representing the Kiwis?

Male Artist - Liam Finn

Liam Finn is a cool guy, pretty much destined to become a rock star in his own right (his Dad would be Neil Finn of Crowded House) and would be the best man to represent New Zealand. He'd definitely put on a show that could see him earn many new fans from around the world.

Female Artist - Bic Runga

Ladyhawke would be an excellent choice, but no other female artist from NZ can do a better live performance than Bic Runga. If you can get past how cool the TV presenters are in the video above, you'll understand why I chose her over the aforementioned Ladyhawke, Gin Wigmore or even Brooke Fraser. Plus, she deserves to be known for more than contributing 'Sway' to the American Pie soundtrack.

Group - Crowded House

Who else? They're the biggest band in New Zealand's history and currently on the comeback, with their 6th studio album, Intriguer, released in June of this year. Not content with just being crowd pleasers, they'd probably be the emotional high point of the show.

Well, that's Team New Zealand. Where should we look to next? How about... Canada! See you next time boys and girls.

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