Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Around the World: Sweden & Germany

Sounds like... The Sounds!

We're making two stops today, so it's double the fun! Or something. First up is Sweden, home of Abba, followed by Germany, home of Nena. That's right, it's 'Dancing Queen' vs '99 Luftballons.' But it's not. Sorry for getting you all excited there. To make it up to you, let me introduce you to the male artist, female artist and group who will be introducing our two countries of the moment.


Male Artist - The Tallest Man On Earth

Aka Kristian Matsson, who's been getting a lot of good coverage lately for his progressive folky tunes. He released his second album, The Wild Hunt, earlier in the year to positive reviews and there's plenty more to come. There definitely would be if he ended up playing at the world's biggest imaginary music competition and I'm sure Sweden would be proud to have him representing them.

Female Artist - Robyn

Was there ever any doubt? She's arguably the coolest pop star in the world who just isn't popular enough. MTV had the perfect opportunity to introduce her to a wider audience at the VMAs and blew it by having her play during an Ad break. Seriously? You give Justin Bieber air-time and not one of the most critically acclaimed (AND COOLEST) acts of the year. Seriously? Ms Carlsson can find solace in the fact that she'll be performing to her largest audience ever, even if this whole competition is only in my mind.

Group - The Sounds

Yes, I could have gone with Royksopp or The Knife. But I didn't. For one, The Knife probably wouldn't even do it, and two, The Sounds should be huge, but it seems like they get less attention every time they release something new. At least David Letterman's a fan.


Group - Rammstein

I think it's good to showcase talent from a wide array of musical genres. Germany can have metal. And there's just something about Rammstein playing 'Du Hast' to a billion people that tickles me.

Female Artist - Lena

As the 2010 Eurovision winner, Lena already has experience winning music competitions that pit countries against each other. She's not bad and her song 'Satellite' is awfully catchy.

Male Artist - Alexander Klaws

Hahahahahahahaha...... I'm sorry Germany. But seriously, the guy deserves a chance to make up for how bad he was on World Idol. Second chances blah blah blah. Yeah, I admit it. I struggled with Germany. But it gave me an excuse to post his amazing rendition of 'Maniac.'

Germany fans, you must forgive me. But, I suggest you help me out... who would be better than these guys to rep Germany? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. That's another two countries down. We've covered Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden and Germany now. Where should we head to next? OH! And posted below is a special treat for reading through to the end.

'99 Luftballons' owns 'Dancing Queen.'

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