Thursday, 30 September 2010

Around the World: United States of America

We've been all over the (developed) world over the last couple of weeks. We've been flying from as far away as Australia to most recently Denmark, meeting the teams that will be representing each country at the biggest (imaginary) music battle of them all. Now, we've landed in the country that will arguably be frontrunners to win. America. Home of the brave, land of the free... and all that jazz. I loves me some USA and all the good things it has blessed my daily life with. McDonald's and KFC. Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Baywatch, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer... if I list all the American TV shows I love we'll be here for quite some time. There's also the people. I love Americans, so don't be haters y'all. All this and we haven't even touched on why we're here; American music. With such a huge array of stars, you just know that America will be putting some big names forward to compete with the rest of the world. That's who I'll be introducing you to very shortly; one male artist, one female artist and one group. Make yourselves comfortable in one of the finest American lay-z-boy chairs, help yourselves to the soda pop, chilli dogs and donuts and enjoy the show.

Male Artist - Jay-Z

If anyone's to choose a rap artist, it's going to be America. And who better to represent them than Jay-Z? Sure you could go with Eminem, but he's not as classy or likeable as Mr Beyonce. Utilizing respected and likeable stars will be the key to America garnering votes. If they pick people that are kind of jerks it will only give people more reasons not to vote for the most powerful country on the planet.

Female Artist - Beyonce Knowles

You thought I was going to pick Gaga. HA! Not so predictable now, am I? Moving along... why Beyonce? Superstars don't come more likeable (or sexier) than the Queen B. Because it's a 2-for-1 deal, I'm also saving America some money because they can share the same hotel room. You've got to be economically smarter these days.

Group - Dixie Chicks

Before you move to the bottom of the page to leave some sort of snarky comment (trolls) hear me out. They've got a lot of respect from the music community and general population for Natalie Maines speaking her mind on Dubya before it was the cool thing to do. While Americans (in the South) were burning their CDs to keep their shanties warm, the rest of the world was starting to like them more and more. Instead of laying low until the heat died down, the Chicks went to work creating their best album yet, Taking The Long Way, which won them Grammys for Album of the Year, Single of the Year and Record of the Year. Country music is always huge in America, so it would be nice to put forward an act to represent that. As an alternative though, we could put forward the Kings of Leon. You'd just want to hope that it isn't an open air theatre and no birds are in the area. Just watch the video above, start to finish, then you can leave whatever comments you like.

Well... that's America done. Where should we go next? "When will this madness stop," is probably what you're really asking yourselves. The answer... never. See you next time kids!

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