Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Music: Willow Smith, Ben Folds & Nick Hornby + Good Charlotte

Watch my swagger and don't be a hater.

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

She's 9 years old? Take that Bieber! Alright... there's no denying that, even at such a young age, Ms Smith has the talent (and the financial backing of A-List movie star parents and Jay-Z's record company) to make it in the music industry. She's got a voice that's way more mature than what her age would suggest (it's also deeper than Bieber's) and 'Whip My Hair' isn't that bad. Aka it's not that good either, but at least the hairography writes itself. And just WHO is the target audience here? If she's putting herself forward as girl-Bieber, I don't see young boys crumping to Willow's sick beats. Will girls? Is it going to get club play and, if so, will you want to be getting down to the vocal stylings of someone that won't be able to get into said club for another 12 years (let's go by US laws)? 'Whip My Hair' would be perfect for the Rihanna's and Ciara's of the world. But a 9 year old? We can expect big things from Willow Smith in the future, I just don't think now's the time (go be, you know, a kid or something). We'll find out after the initial hype from 'Whip My Hair' dies down.

Rating: 2/5

Good Charlotte - Like It's Her Birthday

Oh, wow... I pheel dum afta listnin 2 ths. You thought it couldn't get worse than 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl?' WRONG. Try to listen from start to finish. I dare you.

Rating: 0/5

Ben Folds & Nick Hornby - From Above

If you combine the lyrics from the author of High Fidelity with composition from one of the most underrated male artists of all-time, what do you get? A win, kids... that's what you get. Expectations have been quite high for this collaboration since it was announced and if 'From Above' is an indication of what the rest of the album (Lonely Avenue) is going to sound like, than we're in for a treat. If you're wondering who the lovely lady is providing supporting vocals, it's none other than Kate Miller-Heidke.

Rating: 4/5

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