Monday, 20 September 2010

Song of the Day - Freak Like Me

I've been thinking a lot about the lack of depth when it comes to pop groups that are active in 2010. JLS, The Saturdays, Girls Can't Catch. Um, who? What? Outside of the UK, very few groups manage to obtain the superstar status that they could have achieved only five years ago when say, Destiny's Child were tearing up the charts. You could go back another ten years and find the Backstreet Boys, All Saints, N'Sync, the Spice Girls, Steps, S Club 7 etc. Does no one care about manufactured trashy groups anymore?

I had thought about doing a girl group countdown, but I think I'm going to go crazy and eventually do a countdown covering all pop groups. Because that's how I roll. One group of ladies that would definitely be included are the Sugababes, version 2.0... Mutya, Keisha and Heidi. They stood out from the wealth of trash that came out during the peak of their popularity through smart, catchy, genre-breaking songs. Example, 'Freak Like Me.' A song worthy of the highest selling UK girl group of the 2000s. Sugababes version 4.0 just kinda suck. Sorry girls.

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