Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Song of the Day - Mysteries

Have you ever turned on the TV and been too lazy to change the channel from the first thing that pops onto the screen? No? It used to happen to me a lot. Maybe there was (is) something wrong with me, I dunno. So one day I'm sitting at the TV right and some random movie comes on. Luckily whoever was watching it last left it on a movie channel. If it had been the food channel I might have started crying. In a manly way of course. So this movie seems to be in a million different languages (French, Russian, English, Spanish and Italian) and I'm like, le sigh, do I have to read now? Then Amelie aka Audrey Tautou comes on the screen, which is a massive win in my book, so I watch it. How was the movie? Kind of lame. At some stage though an awesome song came on with a familiar voice... so I decided to sit through the entire credits to find out who the song was by. Turns out it was Beth Gibbons, the legendary voice of Portishead. 'Mysteries' was the name of the song and it's pretty much breathtaking. FYI, the film is called The Russian Dolls.

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