Sunday, 5 September 2010

Song(s) of the Day, Starring Kosheen...

You would have heard of Kosheen's first album, Resist. It had the monster dance hits 'Hide U' and 'Catch,' which tore up d-floors the world over. You might have heard of their second full-length, Kokopelli. It was a more chilled out album, lead-single 'All In My Head' notably removed most of the groups previous electronic influences and sent them down a more soft-rock road. You more than likely haven't heard of their third release, Damage. Let's just say it didn't perform that well... anywhere. I wish I could tell you why. They went back to their dance inspired roots, as shown on second single, 'Guilty,' which is a pretty awesome piece of electro-pop. Kosheen are set to release a new album in the last quarter of 2010 (so says the mighty Wikipedia), so take some time to revisit their past hits (or misses apparently). I don't want ANOTHER quality Kosheen album to pass you by.

Hide U


All In My Head


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