Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Around the World - Italy

Yeah, I forgot I was doing the whole music around the world thing. Luckily for you, I remembered (you scream, "Yay!"). If you've forgotten what's going on here, we're visiting a different country or two each edition and meeting a local male artist, female artist and group that will represent their country in the biggest imaginary music battle of all time. When you're done reading this, look for the tag down the bottom that says Around the World and you can meet the teams from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the USA! Alright, are you ready to meet Team Italy?


Male Artist - Andrea Bocelli

He'll be challenging Canada's Michael Buble for the love of mother's throughout the world. He's got one of the best male voices and can hit high notes most male singers can only dream of hitting without being castrated. Expect him to sing 'Ave Maria' or something else a) religious and b) in Italian to win some extra votes.

Female Artist - Laura Pausini

Great voice, great look and ability to sing in English. Laura Pausini is Italy's premier solo female artist and the exposure from an event like this could send her straight into music charts in the west, and music repertoires of over-dramatic young female singers.

Group - Lacuna Coil

Adding Lacuna Coil will ensure Italy offers a diverse mix of artists. A classical singer, a modern singer-songwriter and a cooler than cool rock band. If you haven't heard of Lacuna Coil, they're like Evanescence without the commercial popularity and constantly rotating roster of band members. Female vocalist Cristina Scabbia is also smoking hot.

Another country down and three new acts introduced. Italy looks like a potential threat to take the imaginary prize but we're not done yet. See you next time... who know where in the world we'll end up!

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