Monday, 18 October 2010

Song of the Day - Hyperballad

"Imagine what my body would sound like, slamming against those rocks."

Bjork - Hyperballad
Album: Post (1995)

At the Polar Music Prize ceremony this year, at which Bjork was awarded the prestigious honour, the audience was treated to a performance of the amazing song 'Hyperballad.' Not by Bjork though, it was beautifully done by Robyn. So, you get to listen to both versions! Well, two live versions and the amazing music video. I know this song isn't for everyone, but try to give it a go and pay close attention to the lyrics. 'Hyperballad' remains one of Bjork's best pieces of songwriting.

Who's better live? Who cares, they're both amazing.

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  1. Trippy. the only version of this song I've heard is an acoustic by Whitley.

    Which I loved. It was for 'No Man's Woman' a tribute album by male Aussie artists and bands covering songs by female artists that have inspired them. Very cool. You must Must MUST hear powderfinger's cover of portishead's Glorybox. Freakin Awesome. And who wouldn't wanna hear Bernard 's sultry voice singing 'i just wanna be a woman'.


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