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Top 100 Songs of the 1980s, #100 - 91

Watch out here I come...

If you dig deep into the darkest recesses of your mind (August, 2010), you will hopefully remember a little countdown I did about an era a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (The Top 200 Songs of the 1990s). We all had a great time looking back on some amazing songs from the bestest decade there ever was... there was laughter, there were tears, there was even some Britney Spears (rhyme scheme!). Sorry, you have a question. Was the 1990s really the best decade that music has ever seen? Well, in my opinion yes, but... what? You want me to do what? Tell you my favourite songs from another decade? Well... only because YOU demanded it*, let's look at the Top 100 Songs of the 1980s!

Top 100 Songs of the 1980s

What's there to say about the 80s... I'm assuming that it was kind of like it is now, only even better for people in the developed world. It was just like every other decade; concerns about advancements in technology, youth in revolt, war in the Middle East. Just like today, only people were more comfortable with having bad hair (mullets and perms people, mullets and perms). Nintendo was taking over as the dominant video game system, the Titanic wreckage was discovered and MTV became the most powerful force in popular culture. However, not everything was sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere. Music lost two legitimate legends in John Lennon and Bob Marley, both dying well before their time.

Also like every other decade, there was a whole lot of amazing music to celebrate. New Wave took a hold of the public's imagination and ran with it. Genres like techno, house, hip-hop and rap were starting to make bigger impacts. And the aforementioned MTV? It turned popular artists into superstars, most notably Prince, Madonna and some former boy band kid named Michael Jackson. The 1980s were a decade to remember (which of course I don't... being born in '87 will do that to you) and what better way to remember than to look at some of its greatest hits. What am I basing this countdown on? Nothing but my personal tastes I'm afraid. But if you see something I've missed feel free to let me know. Let's get to it!

#100 - Ride On Time (1989)
by Blackbox

Yep, 'Ride On Time' is the name of the song. I too thought it was 'Right On Time' for quite awhile. The most interesting thing about the song is that the "singer" wasn't a singer at all. Just a lovely model who was paid by the guys who mixed the track to lip-sync for the videos and "live" performances.

#99 - 867-5309/Jenny (1982)
by Tommy Tutone

Stalker much? If you think Tommy's hair is bad then you're in for some shocks later in the countdown.

#98 - Every Rose Has Its Thorn (1988)
by Poison

I'll get this out of the way now and then repeat it at least thirty-eight times throughout the countdown... rock ballads from the 80s are AMAZING! Almost as amazing as Brett Michaels silky smooth long beautiful hair.

#97 - My Prerogative (1988)
by Bobby Brown

If it's good enough for Britney, it's good enough for me.

#96 - The Winner Takes It All (1980)

No, seriously. I'm not a big ABBA fan, but I think this song is pretty much amazing. There's that and she's singing about a divorce while going through one in real life. Art imitating life imitating art or something. What am I, a doctor?

#95 - Beds Are Burning (1987)
by Midnight Oil

#94 - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (1984)
by Dead or Alive

Fun. It's just too much fun! Not that you could if you tried, but don't miss some more beautiful hair.

#93 - Flashdance...What A Feeling (1983)
by Irene Cara

80s music makes the best party music and it's because of tunes like this. Everyone smashed trying to do the Flashdance... it's almost beautiful.

#92 - Eternal Flame (1989)
by The Bangles

"Close your eyes, give me your hand... darling, do you feel my heart beating, do you understand." Don't even try to pretend you don't know every... single... word.

#91 - Another Day In Paradise (1989)
by Phil Collins

And thus ends Act I, Scene I of your new favourite countdown. Make sure you're checking back every now and then... there's so much more to come!

*You may or may not have demanded it, but it's highly likely that you did.


  1. Nintendo - pah! More of a 90s brand for me. Back in the 80s I first started playing games on this bad boy...


    Before moving on to this


    The latter had the games on cassette tapes....that's how we used to role in the 80s young child.

    BTW - if this


    Is not in your top 10 then your list is null and void....Eternal Flame should be higher too.

  2. Commador 64!!! I felt pretty good for just putting Eternal Flame on the list - most countdowns don't even have it in the top 200!!
    As for Senor Lewis & Dos News... guess you'll have to wait and see, but I think you'll be nulling/voiding my list quite soon...


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