Saturday, 30 October 2010

Top 100 Songs of the 1980s, #50 - 41

We're in Top 50 territory now, so keep an eye out for some of the biggest stars of the 80s... and the best songs.

#50 - Atomic (1980)
by Blondie

Debbie Harry, It's My Kind of Scene's #1 Woman of Rock, was going to show up sooner or later. Blondie were coming off their first major success with 'Heart of Glass' in the late-70s and followed up with the oh-so-80s 'Atomic' which would again take them to the top of the charts.

#49 - Smooth Criminal (1988)
by Michael Jackson

Yeah the song's amazing... whatever. Do you remember the game Moonwalker? Forget the movie, the game was awesome!

#48 - Personal Jesus (1989)
by Depeche Mode

An amazing guitar riff, memorable lyrics, authentic 80s feel... Depeche Mode done good.

#47 - Edge of Seventeen (1982)
by Stevie Nicks

#46 - Who Wants To Live Forever (1986)
by Queen

#45 - Just Like Heaven (1987)
by The Cure

It's a good song... a very good song. But to me, it's not their best song.

#44 - Time After Time (1984)
by Cyndi Lauper

She proved 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' and then she released some good music.

#43 - Babooshka (1980)
by Kate Bush

I said you hadn't seen the last of her.

#42 - Blister In The Sun (1983)
by Violent Femmes

I am powering through this today. Short and sweet comments. This has nothing to do with 'Blister in the Sun.'

#41 - Dancing With Myself (1981)
by Billy Idol

Yep... a pretty quick read today, but a very good listen!

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