Saturday, 16 October 2010

Will You Call Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson - Call Me

That's right kids, the original American idol is back and she's going kinda country. Because, as Jenna showed us on 30 Rock, people with no talent go country (Simpson comma J?). Luckily for Clarkson, she's been slowly inceptioning her way into the minds of American country music fans for quite some time. Is it ok to use inceptioning like that? Is inceptioning a word yet? Whatever. Kelly's done a tour with country superstar/awful television star Reba McEntire, the two of them had chart success with a duet of Clarkson's own 'Because of You,' and she's currently managed by Reba's husband. That's more groundwork than the normal popstar would do.

'Call Me' doesn't really know what it wants to be. Is it an alt-country ballad? Is it pop/rock? More importantly, is it any good? I'll let you be the judge. Haha kidding. It's painfully average, which isn't acceptable. Reminder: Kelly Clarkson ruled the world in 2005. She was the reigning queen of pop/rock, with songs like 'Since U Been Gone' and 'Behind These Hazel Eyes.' The album Breakaway was one of the highest selling albums of the last decade. So an average song = not acceptable. However... 'Call Me' is a leaked track, not an official release, so there's still hope. But Kelly, can I call you Kelly? Great. Stick firmly in the pop/rock camp. You're actually tolerable compared to many female pop artists. You have zero trash factor and promote a positive body image. I'd hate to see you slip away into some weird country limbo. But, it's your life and if you do choose to go that route, say hi to J Simps for me.

Rating: 2/5

And, just because you wanted it... here's Jenna, showing us how a real country girl sings.


  1. Personally, I love it! It's amazing what people can make up with just a song. This is a demo song, which means it might not even be for Kelly, she might have wrote it for another artist. To come to all these conclusions based on absolutely nothing, is pretty darn funny. Anyways, she sounds amazing on this song.

  2. Thanks for the comment Kelly, I mean Anonymous. Of course, I am kidding and always welcome comments from strangers. Thanks for reading! I of course completely agree with you about it being a demo (or as I referred to it, a leaked song) and the only conclusion that I really drew was that the song is, in my opinion, mediocre. Everything else, pure speculation based on Ms Clarkson's recent history with country music (check out her Wikipedia page for details, I use it for all my "fact" checking). It's great that you like it though, I'm all about people having their own music tastes! Thanks again for the comment.


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