Thursday, 11 November 2010

New Music - Tennis, Robyn, Ke$ha

Ke$ha - C U Next Tuesday

Haha that crazy Ke$ha... see what she did there?! In your face 'If You Seek Amy!' Regular readers would know that I have something of a soft-spot for Ke$ha (or Ke$h as I call her) so when I say this song is kind of sucky, you should know it hurts me. Ok, it doesn't, but you know what I mean, right? 'C U Next Tuesday' lacks a lot of the energy you'll generally find on a Ke$ha track and almost feels like a Katy Perry cast-off. Surprisingly, her winning lyrical style (in which she just seems to link one random incoherent thought with the next) has been replaced with a more generic form of pop writing. 'We R Who We R,' the first single off new album, Cannibal, is topping charts around the world. Given the quality of other songs being leaked from the album I'd say enjoy it while you can. Then again, I did say I was fairly disappointed with 'We R Who We R' too. 

 Rating: 1/5

Tennis - Take Me Somewhere

Nice and breezy... very chilled. Still, I don't see it to be the masterpiece that's making a whole lot of bloggers jizz in their pants. An enjoyable piece of music from a band that's sure to be huge over the next couple of years.

Rating: 3/5

Pink - Fuckin' Perfect

At some stage of the song I forgot that I was listening to Pink and could have sworn it was Kelly Clarkson. 'Fuckin' Perfect' has been confirmed as one of two new songs to be featured on Pink's greatest hits collection, along with current chart hit, 'Raise Your Glass.'

Rating: 2/5

Robyn - Time Machine

We're starting to hear a lot of new songs from Robyn's Body Talk pt. 3, which is due for release very soon. 'Time Machine' doesn't instantly hit you like previous hits, 'Dancing On My Own,' 'Hang With Me' and 'Indestructible,' but it's still better than the vast majority of pop music out there.

Rating: 3/5

Duffy - Endlessly

Gone is the bombshell found in previous single, 'Well, Well, Well,' and we're back to Duffy, first lady of soul. Expect this amazing little number to pop up in some British romantic-comedy before the end of next year.

Rating: 3.5/5

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