Saturday, 20 November 2010

Song of the Day - Misery

Green Day - Misery
Album: Warning (2000)

As you get older you go through that phase where you're like, "(Insert Band/Singer's name here)'s earlier music is SO so SO much better than their new stuff, like, like, totally. Like, like." You may or may not talk like that, but you get what I'm saying, right? I try not to be like that but with some bands *cough*Silverchair*cough* I just can't help it, I really feel like their first three albums are better than their newer ones. Same goes for Green Day. I preferred them as kinda punkish stoners than Emo Kings. So, um... yeah. Was this just an exercise in attacking Silverchair's new stuff I don't like (without even giving them the honour of having a song as Song of the Day in protest)? Maybe. Just enjoy 'Misery' and forget about it...

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