Saturday, 27 November 2010

Song of the Day - Outside of Me

Killing Heidi - Outside of Me
Album: Present (2002)

Due to my love for female driven rock bands it was no surprise that I had a lot of love for Killing Heidi. While I was disappointed when they went on an indefinite hiatus in 2006, Ella and Jesse Hooper's new folky duo, The Verses, is doing a good job of placating the needs of all the Heidi fans out there.

But what about Killing Heidi? First there was the multi-platinum selling success of debut, Reflector, which went on to win Album of the Year at the ARIAs and spawned the #1 single, 'Mascara.' Follow up Present wasn't anywhere near as successful, even though it was a more consistent album and in my honest opinion far superior. So what went wrong? I'm going to say because Australian radio station JJJ slowly withdrew their support of the band they made famous (Killing Heidi were JJJ Unearthed winners, 'Weir' placed at #2 on the Hottest 100 in 1999). By the time their self-titled album was released, the station wasn't even playing them at all, nor do they seem too interested in The Verses... a brother sister duo on par with new JJJ darlings, Angus and Julia Stone.

You can't just blame everything on a radio station... so I'll blame everyone that bought their first album, made them into a huge success and then just forgot about them. I'll blame everyone BUT the band... who were awesome. Just check out 'Outside of Me.' Rant over...    

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