Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Song of the Day - Ready to Start

Arcade Fire - Ready To Start
Album: The Suburbs (2010)

The year is quickly coming to its end and the internet will be inundated with a million countdowns covering the best songs of the year. Because It's My Kind of Scene aims to be different in a world full of random music blogs, we will of course be doing our own massive countdown covering the top 100 songs of the year. So I guess that doesn't make us different at all... damn. Now you've got me thinking about songs that could make a claim for the #1 spot... what do you think about 'Ready To Start?' Arcade Fire seems to have divided fans with their latest release, The Suburbs, but there's no denying a couple of songs are straight-up amazing... like 'Ready To Start.' Is it good enough to go all the way to #1? If it's not, then what song is?

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