Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Top 25 Singers, #21 - John Lennon

#21 - John Lennon

Yes, I prefer Lennon's voice to Paul McCartney's, who will not be featured on the list. It's nothing against McCartney, he's a great singer in his own right... but he won't be featured on the list (if this was Top 25 Songwriters, it might be a different story). If I'm going to pick a Beatle for their voice, it's going to be John Lennon.  


  1. Perhaps it may be rather contentious and somewhat disrespectful but I feel McCartney remained stagnant in his musical approach while Lennon did not, he moved and became a man of the times.

    Post Beatles McCartney constantly preferred to commit himself to composing ballads and slow melodies (Perhaps several Wings examples are the exception e.g. Band on the Run and Live and Let Die). Lennon encompassed all that was the 60s whilst moving into a dark era of Rock 'n' Roll whilst still bathing in the renaissance of the peace movement.

    His songs reflect this well, while also contributing so much more to the Rock genre and evoking a timeless sound that became synonymous with the Beatles that of a preceding decade.


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