Monday, 22 November 2010

Top 25 Singers, #22 - Amy Lee

#22 - Amy Lee

Testimonials for Amy Lee...

 "Amy Lee has the most powerful female voice on Earth..."
 "Amy Lee's voice sounds like an angel, but even better."
 "Her voice is like an angel, very pure and haunting, great ear candy."
 "She is probably the best amateur female singer of her time (she didn't get any vocal (sic) training)."

Where did I find those testimonials? Uh... Urban Dictionary. So in the interest of fairness, here's what some awful, awful people wrote about the amazingly talented Amy Lee in a negative way (haters!).

 "The dumb twat front-woman (sic) of the "metal" band, Evanescence."
 "Contrary to popular misconception, Amy Lee is NOT attractive."
 "The most arrogant, self-centered bitch in all of rock music."

In rebuttal... she's incredibly talented, attractive and a bitch is just a strong woman in control of her own destiny (thanks Missy Elliott!)... so suck it haters!

Hopefully what you'll take from today, other than the fact that I can find sources worse than Wikipedia, is that Amy Lee's voice is a thing of beauty. It's a booming, natural wonder that leaves practically all of her contemporaries in the dust.

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