Saturday, 20 November 2010

Top 25 Singers, #24 - Eva Cassidy

#24 - Eva Cassidy

In life, Eva Cassidy's beautiful, soulful voice made her the pride of her native Washington, DC. In death, that beautiful, soulful voice took her further than she could have ever imagined, touching the hearts of listeners all throughout the world. Sadly, Cassidy passed away from cancer at only 33 years of age in 1996. Her posthumous releases saw her rise to the top of the UK charts (3 #1 albums) and feature in films like Love Actually and Maid in Manhattan.

The softness in her voice ensures she doesn't come across as your typical vocal powerhouse, but that doesn't mean she can't hit those high notes... she just doesn't have to rely on belting out a tune. All the emotion that she packs into her delivery leaves you more satisfied when delivered in her quieter way.

In 2005, listed Cassidy at #5 on a list of their highest selling artist of all time. It was a huge testament to the respect her voice has been given all over the world, a respect that is hugely deserved.

'What A Wonderful World' was the last song that Eva Cassidy performed at her final public concert. That would be the video posted above. Enjoy.

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