Monday, 27 December 2010

2010 Scene Awards - Man of the Year

Yes, I know I have stupid hair...

There's only three days left in the year and. in a case of beautiful and unplanned symmetry, there's three major awards still to hand out in the 2010 Scene Awards. Those would be Album of the Year, Woman of the Year and this post's award; Man of the Year! Who are our nominees for this extremely prestigious award? Let's find out...

Cee-Lo Green



Kanye West

Mark Ronson

Man of the Year

Winner - Kanye West

No offense to the other nominees, but no one comes close to achieving as much as Kanye did in 2010. Getting over Taylor-Gate was a huge achievement in itself, but then there's the music. From the G.O.O.D Friday song releases to the album that many critics have labelled Album of the Year, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye has had one hell of a year. He topped not only Rolling Stone's end of year album chart, but also the singles chart with 'Runaway.' Furthermore, and in more awesome news, West placed as the highest charting solo male artist on It's My Kind of Scene's Top 100 Songs of 2010, with 'Power' at #6. So there you have, 2010's Man of the Year - Kanye West!

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  1. I have to agree with you on that one Mr Bond!Such a career turn-around for Mr West. Although I think runner-up should be Mr. Ronson for his achievements this year. Such a stellar album from him. Closely followed by Mr. Z for Blueprint 3 of course!

    Check out my vids from the U2 concert of Jay-Z while you are @ it...playlist is here:

    And my fav vid:

    Keep on bloggin.


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