Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Around the World, UK - Wales

We're leaving behind Scotland and heading to Wales; home of Tom Jones and Catherine Zeta Jones and... and... and...

So they've got that funny Cymraeg language (aka Welsh) going for them too. Let's just meet the team, shall we?


Male Artist - Tom Jones

What's new pussycat? It's not unusual to choose Tom Jones, is it? Some say he's a sex bomb. I say... he's the only Welsh male singer that I could think of.

Female Artist - Duffy

Duffy vs Adele vs KT Tunstall is a pretty epic UK lady showdown.

Group - Stereophonics

I'd pick Marina & The Diamonds... but she's not even a real band. It's like Florence + The Machine, it's all  a lie. They just didn't want to perform as Marina Diamandis and Florence Welch. Anyway, Stereophonics will do.

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