Sunday, 12 December 2010

Top 100 Songs of 2010, #90 - 81

Darwin Deez... bringing the fun back.

#90 - Coming Around
by Hungry Kids of Hungary

I don't want you coming around,
But I think you'll come...

#89 - Rambling Man
by Laura Marling

I'll be damned if I'll be found there,
By someone you don't want to be...

#88 - Your Hands (Together)
by The New Pornographers

You can only cover so much territory of course,
Belting carols at the sun about the things you've lost...

#87 - Mowgli's Road
by Marina and the Diamonds

You say Y-E-S to everything,
Will that guarantee you a win?

#86 - In The Sun
by She and Him

Well alright, it's ok, we all get the slip sometimes everyday,
I'll just keep it to myself, in the sun...

#85 - Howlin' For You
by The Black Keys

There's something wrong, with this plot,
The actors here have not got a clue...

#84 - Time
by Selebrities

#83 - Tightrope
by Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi

You dance up on them haters,
Keep getting funky on the scene...

#82 - Up In The Clouds
by Darwin Deez

And I'm sorry, I let you down,
Down to the ground, but who cares now?

#81 - California Gurls
by Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg

Not only are these some of the best songs of the year, they're also some of the best videos. She and Him, The New Pornographers and *sigh* even Katy Perry offered up some awesome videos. I just like the gummy bear giving her the finger! Anyway... we've still got 80 songs to go... any guesses as to what's going to be #1?

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