Sunday, 13 February 2011

Top 300 Songs of the 2000s, #160 - 151

Can you get Kylie out of your head?

We're powering through this 2000s countdown, boys and girls! After this post we'll have looked at 150 songs from one of the most diverse decades in the history of music. You know what this means right? There's still 150 awesome songs still to come! But that's for another time, right now we've got to bring our first half of the countdown to an end. Let's get to it!

#160 - Bathwater (2000)
by No Doubt

So why do we choose the boys that are naughty?
I don't fit in so why do you want me?

This may be the last time you see No Doubt on the countdown, but it's certainly not the last you'll see of Gwen Stefani. You can enjoy the beginnings of her sexualization, which started here with the music video for 'Bathwater.'

#159 - Son of a Gun (2001)
by Janet Jackson ft. Missy Elliott & Carly Simon

Oh, it's gonna be a show down, knock down, drag down,
gun slugger shoot 'em up...

Remember when Missy Elliott was the go-to-girl for a sweet rap remix? No? Sadly, neither can I. Release something soon and bring the memories back! 

#158 - Hero (2006)
by Regina Spektor

I'm the hero of the story, don't need to be saved...

When you listen to 'Hero,' you know that when Spektor delivers the line above that she means it. Such a good line.

#157 - Be Mine! (2008)
by Robyn

It's a good thing tears never show in the pouring rain,
As if a good thing ever could make up for all the pain...

Swedish pop-sensation, Robyn! Do I even need to say any more?

#156 - The Luckiest (2001)
by Ben Folds

I don't get, many things right the first time,
In fact, I am told that a lot...

One of the best written love songs of all-time. Look out for it on tomorrows Valentine's Day playlist. Shill? 

#155 - Walk Like a Zombie (2005)
by The HorrorPops

And you wanna hold hands in the cemetery,
And you wanna be lost for all of eternity...

#154 - Burn Bridges (2004)
by The Grates

Burn all them bridges down, to the ground,
'Cos I won't be coming this way again...

I should warn you; after listening to 'Burn Bridges' you may instantly fall madly, deeply in love with Patience Hodgson from The Grates. So you can't say I didn't warn you.

#153 - Yeah! (2004)
by Usher ft. Ludacris & Lil' Jon

Conversation got heavy, she had me feelin' like she's ready to blow...

#152 - Twice (2007)
by Little Dragon

Twice I turn my back on you,
I feel flat on my face but didn't lose...

Little Dragon are slowly building themselves up to break through to the mainstream and we should all be very happy for them. Everyone deserves a chance to listen to how amazing this group really is. They've been featured on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and recently collaborated with Gorillaz for 'Empire Ants' on their last album, Plastic Beach. It will be very interesting to see what they do next, because you know it's going to be awesome.

#151 - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (2001)
by Kylie Minogue

La la la la la la la la,
La la la la la la la la...

Just because it's not a lyrical masterpiece doesn't mean it's not pop perfection. Minogue's signature (and most successful) song will go down as one of the greatest pop songs of all-time and ensure she'll stay at the top of the charts for the rest of her career.

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