Saturday, 12 February 2011

Top 300 Songs of the 2000s, #170 - 161

Kate Nash.

#170 - The Block Party (2001)
by Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes

Music pumping and we're jumping,
And they played our favourite songs...

The 'L' in TLC, 'Left Eye' ventured into solo territory with her collaboration with Spice Girl, Mel C ('Never Be The Same Again' - UK #1), and unreleased album, Supernova. Sadly, the lack of success for 'The Block Party' resulted in the album never seeing shelf-life, but that doesn't mean it was one of the best hip-hop songs recorded during the 2000s. Before her untimely death in 2002, Lopes was hard at work on a second album which would have reportedly seen her collaborate with David Bowie. That would have been awesome.

#169 - Diamonds From Sierra Leone (2005)
by Kanye West

Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe...

#168 - Ulysses (2008)
by Franz Ferdinand

So sinister, so sinister,
Last night was wild...

Must be about time for a new Franz album, no? 

#167 - Fire (2009)
by Kasabian

Take me into the night, I'm an easy lover...

Kasabian came a long, long way throughout the last decade to the point where they're now one of the biggest English bands in rock music. Hopefully their next release will see them break further into the US market.

#166 - Broken (2004)
by Seether ft. Amy Lee

I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away...

It's rare to see two artists that are more rock based collaborating these days. Will.I.Am will work with anyone, so will Flo Rida, David Guetta and many more of those club skanks. But rock music, it's rare. Which is why when two or more alternative, rock or metal acts come together, magic happens. Pretty much every time. Such was the case with 'Broken.'

#165 - Pussytown (2002)
by Machine Gun Fellatio

I got long fingers, gonna draw you in...

#164 - Foundations (2007)
by Kate Nash

You said I must eat so many lemons, 'cause I am so bitter,
I said I'd rather be with your friends mate, 'cause they are much fitter...

With all the amazing British female singer-songwriters floating around there's no surprise that some of them sometimes slip through the cracks (Eliza Doolittle). And it's rare for them to carry on their initial success to a second album (Duffy). Unfortunately, Kate Nash's second album, My Best Friend Is You, didn't manage to be as successful as her debut... maybe because it wasn't as good? It would have been hard to match the quality of track's like 'Foundations' though. 

#163 - Help I'm Alive (2008)
by Metric

If you're still alive, my regrets are few,
If my life is mine, what shouldn't I do?

#162 - Destroy Everything You Touch (2005)
by Ladytron

Destroy everything you touch, today,
Please destroy me, this way...

#161 - Use Somebody (2008)
by Kings of Leon

I've been roaming around,
Always looking down at all I see...

I get the pleasure of pointing out that 'Sex On Fire' isn't on the list. Enjoy.

We're oh so very close to the middle of the countdown. You know it's going to keep getting better and better, so stick around. There's more to come! 

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