Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Top 300 Songs of the 2000s, #200 - 191

Pink: She's got her rock moves and she don't need you tonight.

We're in top 200 territory! Keep an eye out for hits from the biggest acts in the music industry today. They'll be popping up all over the place. Mostly here. Mostly now. And tomorrow. And the next day. Probably the one after that too. You get my point, right? Wonderful.

#200 - Hearts On Fire (2007)
by Cut Copy

With hearts on fire I reach out to you tonight...

They've just released their latest album, Zonoscope, to virtually universal critical acclaim. Will any song on it be able to match their incredible hits from the past like 'Hearts On Fire?' Go get the album and find out for yourself! 

#199 - UFO (2007)
by Sneaky Sound System

I just don't want to be lonely...

Another fine Australian dance act, Sneaky Sound System have taken their sweet time working on a third album. Will 2011 be a return (and a return to form) for a group that was heralded as the future of Australian music? 

#198 - The Walk (2006)
by Imogen Heap

Oh, I was doing so well, can we just be friends,
I feel a weakness coming on...

#197 - Secret Agent Man (2000)
by The Superjesus

And everything will start again tomorrow, beauty in the sun,
It's a way to come together, you can leave it when you're done...

Say goodbye to Sarah McLeod and The Superjesus for this countdown. For those keeping score at home, they managed to place twice in the countdown. Well done. 

#196 - U + Ur Hand (2006)
by Pink

I'm not here for your entertainment,
You don't really want to mess with me tonight...

#195 - Who Knew (2006)
by Pink

That last kiss, I'll cherish, until we meet again,
And time makes, it harder, I wish I could remember...

This would be Pink's moment and a well deserved one at that. The one-two punch of 'Who Knew' and 'U + Ur Hand' is the start of Pink's rise to monster popularity in Australia and renewed interest from American audiences. Not that she wasn't popular before, but these two songs saw her end the decade with two of the highest selling albums in Australia and work her way up to her first solo American #1 with 'So What' in 2008. She could very well end up with the #1 song in America this week with 'F***in' Perfect' too. 

#194 - Worn Me Down (2004)
by Rachael Yamagata

Gone, she's gone,
How do you feel about it?

#193 - Shark In The Water (2009)
by VV Brown

High in the sky, the song that I'm singing,
A sweet little lie, I cry wolf cry...

VV Brown everybody. She has style, she has flair, but she ain't no nanny. One of the most exciting Brits to come out of 2009, a year that was highly memorable for new UK based acts. 

#192 - Ex-Girlfriend (2000)
by No Doubt

And I feel so mean, I feel in between,
'Cause I'm about to give you away...

I'm just going to put this out there, so try not to freak out... Return of Saturn was a much better album than Tragic Kingdom. Yah, Tragic Kingdom had the better singles... but as a whole, I believe their follow-up worked better. Which is why I hope their next album looks more to Return of Saturn than any of their other albums. 

#191 - These Things (2006)
by She Wants Revenge

There's nothing to see here people keep moving on...

You heard the man; nothing to see here people! So move on... until tomorrow when the countdown returns! P.s. Shirley Manson sighting anyone?

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