Sunday, 6 February 2011

Top 300 Songs of the 2000s, #250 - 241

So, I've realised that there's more posts than days left in the month for this amazingly amazing 2000s countdown... so on some very special days, you're going to get served with a double helping of hits from the first decade of the new millennium. Today is one of those very special days. I know, I know... you are so excited that you just want to scream, shout, dance and maybe even pee a little. That's kind of weird. My recommendation is to cut out the pee portion of your excited freak out and maybe just go with the scream, shout and dance as you enjoy the next ten songs on the list...

#250 - Here With Me (2001)
by Dido

I didn't hear you leave,
I wonder how am I still here...

It's a shame that Dido's last album, Safe Trip Home, wasn't the massive success it deserved to be. Her songwriting remains leaps and bounds ahead of many of her contemporaries. Those songwriting skills can be found right from the start, including the most excellent 'Here With Me.' And hey, it's the theme for Roswell.

#249 - Relapse (2003)
by Little Birdy

And my love song for you, babe,
Is it all that you propose?

#248 - Walking On A Dream (2008)
by Empire of the Sun

Is it real now, when two people become one...

Luke Steele beats his sister Katy by one position. Huge achievement?

#247 - Silver Coin (2007)
by Angus and Julia Stone

'Cos I didn't have the heart or strength to say,
I'll miss you when you're gone...

#246 - Wish You Well (2005)
by Bernard Fanning

Up so early feel so bright,
Didn't get much sleep last night...

Australian acts are dominating this edition, no? Four acts in a row! 

#245 - Put Your Records On (2006)
by Corinne Bailey Rae

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song,
You go ahead, let your hair down...

#244 - That Beep (2008)
by Architecture in Helsinki

Said if I play the evil lover can I trade you for your alibi...

Make that 5 Australian acts for this edition.

#243 - Machine Gun (2008)
by Portishead

Too scared to sacrifice a choice chosen for me...

#242 - Caught Out There (2000)
by Kelis

What is this I see?
You don't come home to me...

I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW... AHHHHH! How this didn't become a monster hit is beyond me. At least Kelis has managed to keep making music, even if she's moved in a more commercial direction with each release.

#241 - Ampersand (2008)
by Amanda Palmer

And I may be romantic, and I may risk my life for it,
But I ain't gonna die for you, You know I ain't no Juliet...

Amanda Palmer's successful move away from The Dresden Dolls into a solo act was pretty damn good. Who Killed Amanda Palmer showcased her quirky, intriguing style and brilliant songwriting skills. So it should come as no surprise that I'm VERY excited about seeing her in Brisbane this month.

Back tomorrow, stay tuned kids...

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