Friday, 4 February 2011

Top 300 Songs of the 2000s, #280 - 271


Welcome back to another edition of this massive countdown looking at the best songs from the first decade of the 2000s. Feeling nostalgic yet? Let's keep the good times rolling as we check out ten more awesome tunes from one of the most musically diverse decades in the history of music...

#280 - Push Up (2004)
by Freestylers

I think I saw your body before I saw your face...

It's all about the music video. How could you say  no to that music video?

#279 - The People (2003)
by The Music

I said hey little lady, See what you're missing
I can't get enough of your love...

#278 - Gone (2006)
by The Butterfly Effect

I've got the sun in my eyes,
I didn't see you passing me by...

#277 - No One Knows (2002)
by Queens of the Stone Age

The gift you give to me,
No one knows.

It's good... but it's not THAT good. 'No One Knows' has always been an extremely overrated song for me. Everyone got caught up in the hype that surrounded the band and it even managed to top the JJJ Hottest 100 for the year. But, as is generally the case when a band sees monster success due to hype, the majority of their 'fans' get over them by the time their next release comes out. Did you know that Queens of the Stone Age have released two albums since Songs For the Deaf?

#276 - URA Fever (2008)
by The Kills

You are a fever, you are a fever,
You ain't born typical...

#275 - Chasing Cars (2006)
by Snow Patrol

Those three words, are said too much,
They're not enough...

Yes, I am a fan of Grey's Anatomy. What of it? Snow Patrol may have more critically acclaimed songs ('Run' and 'Make This Go On Forever'), but 'Chasing Cars' is what they'll be remembered for.

#274 - The Bomb (2007)
by New Young Pony Club

You really have to display information,
To discover relativity...

#273 - Fire Department (2005)
by Be Your Own Pet

Stand down, beat it in, eyes closed tight...

One of those bands that should have been huge, but somehow slipped through the cracks of the public consciousness, leading to them breaking up and never realizing their potential. Shame.

#272 - Knights of Cydonia (2006)
by Muse

Don't waste your time, or time will waste you...

This kind of falls into the whole 'No One Knows' category, but it's a slightly better song... so, yeah. I'd say it shouldn't have placed at #1 on the Hottest 100, but by doing so Silverchair's 'Straight Lines' missed out on the top spot. 'Straight Lines' sucked.

#271 - Special K (2001)
by Placebo

Gravity, no escaping gravity...

'Special K' was an excellent reminder that Placebo could be just as relevant in the 2000s as they were in the 90s. And they were good in the 90s. Very good.

That's thirty songs revealed, so that means there's only 270 to go. Yeah, only 270. But don't worry, we'll be at #1 before you know it! Any guesses?


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