Monday, 21 February 2011

Top 300 Songs of the 2000s, #50 - 41

Arctic Monkeys: They think you'll look good whilst on the d-floor. Fools.

We've already seen 250 songs and now only 50 sweet, sweet tracks from the years 2000 - 2009 remain. There's only the best of the best from here on in. Any ideas about who had songs worthy of making the top 50 songs of the 2000s? You won't have to wait long to find out... here's the next ten.

#50 - Romeo (2001)
by Basement Jaxx

Cause you see my dear I have had enough,
Of keeping quiet about all this stuff...

The song, the video... it's all just so good. And Bollywood themed. How can you say no to a Bollywood theme. 

#49 - Standing in the Way of Control (2006)
by The Gossip

And it's hard to face the truth,
When you think you're dying...

'Standing in the Way of Control' introduced the world to Beth Ditto and the world was never the same again. She's large and in charge and she will, she will... rock you. 

#48 - One Crowded Hour (2006)
by Augie March

But for one crowded hour,
You were the only one in the room...

It topped the JJJ Hottest 100 and made Augie March a household name and deservedly so. Augie March are just one of eight Australian acts to make the top 50. Any guesses as to who else could make it?

#47 - Kids (2008)
MGMT - Kids (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: MGMT

You were a child,
Crawling on your knees toward it...

#46 - 9 Crimes (2006)
by Damien Rice

It's a small crime,
And I've got no excuse...

What other word can you use to describe '9 Crimes' than beautiful? Perfect? Magical? Amazing? Yeah, so there's many a word you could use... but for me it's beautiful. Songwriting at its finest. 

#45 - Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (2002)
by Garbage

She gave you everything she had,
But she was young and dumb, she'd just turned 21...

Go baby go go! Shirley Manson cuts her hair off, dyes it platinum blonde, changes her vocals and still manages to pull off a pop gem. Well played. 

#44 - I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor (2005)
by Arctic Monkeys

Stop making the eyes at me,
I'll stop making the eyes at you...

#43 - Last Nite (2001)
by The Strokes

Last night, she said:
"Oh, baby, I feel so down."

While I haven't been overly enthused with their new track 'Under Cover of Darkness,' there's still a hope that Julian Casablancas and Co. will recreate the magic they showed us on Is This It with songs like 'Last Nite.' 

#42 - Turn Into (2006)
by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

How far I am to keep you out,
I'd like to tell you all about it...

I know, what I know... and what I know is that Karen O delivered unto us the highest standard of rock throughout the last decade. Three expertly crafted albums with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, plus the extraordinary soundtrack to Where the Wild Things Are. Quite the catalogue, quite.

#41 - Rock Star (2002)
by N.E.R.D

You think that you don't have to ever quit,
You think that you can get away with it...

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