Thursday, 31 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #10 - 1

Slash's solo... epic.

Oh, hello thurr... we've arrived at our final destination; the top 10 music videos of all time! Are you excited? You're excited. Stop pretending you're not excited. Seriously. Now that you've embraced your excitement we can get to it. Our journey to the #1 spot, and the guessing associated with said journey, is over. What's it going to be? Let's find out...

#10 - She's A Bitch (1999)
by Missy Elliott
Directed by Hype Williams

Welcome to Hype Williams' futuristic playground. In this world, Williams is the creator and Missy Elliot is the Queen. We are their loyal servants. We... are not worthy? From the start of the video, complete with titles, you get that feeling that you're about to watch something impressive. Enter Missy in black and white, slow motion walking down the hallway complete with floating coat, space suit, dark shades... bald head? It's all pretty much genius and makes for some good viewing. Williams doesn't let up with the cool imagery. We get fast cars, cowboys and then a giant 'M' rises from the water with Missy dancing on it. Yep, this one has all the ingredients of an incredible music video. We are, indeed, not worthy.

Best Moment: That slow walk down the futuristic hallway blows my mind!

Song of the Day - He About To Lose Me

Britney Spears - He About To Lose Me
Album: Femme Fatale (2011)

It's Britney... bitch, and her new album Femme Fatale has been released to generally favourable reviews. Even her fellow pop princesses are loving it. Kylie Minogue was giving a lot of love to the song 'He About To Lose Me' so I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about. It's a pretty decent pop song, not exactly the highlight on the album. The opening "guitar" riff actually sound exactly like 'Cupid Boy' on Kylie's most recent album, Aphrodite. Maybe Minogue's dreams of a duet are actually her way of saying, "duet with me, or I sue." If you picture her saying it with a Russian accent, it's a lot more fun. Have a nice day!

Rating: 2.5/5

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #20 - 11

Weezer + a crappy TV show = awesome.

Here we go kids, the penultimate edition of our music video countdown and today we look at ten clips that narrowly missed out on making the top 10. These are some of the most creative and iconic videos we've ever seen. Videos that can be watched a million times and never get boring. What are they? We're about to find out... duh.

#20 - We Used To Wait (2010)
by Arcade Fire

Not so much a music video as it is an interactive short film, but it's without a doubt one of the most innovative ideas in a long, long time. The Wilderness Downtown utilizes Google Maps technology to kinda make you the star of the film, with Arcade Fire's 'We Used To Wait' accompanying the clip. Unfortunately you'll need to get Google Chrome, but it's well worth it. In fact, once you've finished reading this, download Chrome and head to The Wilderness Downtown to experience the magic for yourself. 

Best Moment: "Oh! I know where that is!" If you do this properly, you'll understand what I mean.

Song of the Day - Lorelai

Fleet Foxes - Lorelai
Album: Helplessness Blues (2011)

With each new taste of Helplessness Blues, you can't help thinking that Fleet Foxes are going to deliver one of, if not the best release of the year. 'Lorelai' is another dreamy piece of folk-ish perfection that will have you pushing that replay button again and again... and again and again and again. Enjoy!

Rating: 4/5

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #30 - 21

Christopher Walken: Redefining 'Dancing With the Stars.'

We're getting to the business end of our countdown boys and girls. After today we've hit the Top 20 and there will only be two posts to go! What exciting, intriguing, spectacular, amazing videos do we have waiting for us today? Let's find out...

#30 - Everlong (1997)
by Foo Fighters

Michel Gondry is known for his surreal and unique music videos, making a name for himself with his work for The White Stripes, Bjork, Massive Attack and Radiohead (to name but a few of his collaborations). I should have known that he was the man behind the video for 'Everlong' but never did until "research" was conducted for this countdown. You know when I say research, I mean Wikipedia, right? Good. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Gondry was the force behind 'Everlong,' the greatest video in the Foo Fighters catalogue. Grohl and Co. have given us some quality characters in comedy videos like 'Learn To Fly' and 'Long Road to Ruin,' but none can compare to those we see in 'Everlong.' Taylor Hawkins seems destined to drag it up for at least one song per album and let's just say I'm all for it. What? P.s. this isn't the last you've seen of Mr Michel Gondry...

Best Moment: I love how the bed explodes into Hawkins' drum kit towards the end!

Song of the Day - Civilization

Justice - Civilization
Album: Untitled (2011)

Electro fans of the world just collectively peed a little bit... in excitement! Yes, the rumours are true, Justice is back with a brand new track. 'Civilization' will be released on iTunes 4 April as the official first single from their still unnamed second album. Is it any good? Admittedly this isn't the explosive return I was anticipating, but that doesn't mean that 'Civilization' isn't an excellent song... it's typical, awesome Justice. Perhaps it will require several more listens to really get into it. What say you?

Rating: 3.5/5

Monday, 28 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #40 - 31

Do the zombie dance with Michael!

Monsters! Space Monsters!! Michael and Janet Jackson!!! Some horror-ific videos await us in this next installment. All this, plus the best video of 2010... let's get to it!

#40 - Planet New Year (2007)
by Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko gets married to a piano. They subsequently hop on the good foot, do the bad thing and nine months later, Blasko gives birth to a little baby piano. Doesn't that just blow your mind?! Consider my mind blown. The acting can be described as inspired, yet hilarious... mostly based on the authentic smiles Sarah sends in the direction of her piano lover.

Best Moment: Gas station choreographed dance party. 

10 and 1 - Worst Hair in Music

Fashion plays a huge part in making or breaking a star. We see "shocking" outfits all the time, as singers try to outdo (or outskank) each other. A musician's hairstyle can play as important a part as any outfit can, earning a world of praise or more scorn than one person should be able to handle. Since I spend far too much time looking at what's the 'best,' today we're going to focus on the worst. Get ready for ten of the worst hairstyles we've had the displeasure to witness, plus one good style to send you off happy. Enjoy!

The Ten:

The 'Crim-fro'

That's not going to help you get an insanity plea, Spector. 

The 'Blonde-house'

Understandably, the bee-hive got heavy and Amy got rid of it. Going blonde and ratty, however, was not a good choice.

The 'Defying Gravity'

Jedward; inspiring a generation of young British boys to look like massive twats. Also, proof that you need no talent or intelligence to make it in the music industry. 

The 'Limahl'

Top-deck mullet? 

The 'Ambiguous Gender Emo'

Seriously, what was this chick thinking? What? Oh. It's a boy? Really? Either way it looks like an echidna.

The 'Mash-Up'

Alicia Keys proves that two negatives do not make a positive. Suck it nerds! But seriously, just pick one bad hairstyle next time... 

The 'High-Maintenance Man'

Fine, I'll admit it... I'm just jealous my hair will never be as long or shiny as Whitesnake's. Plus I'll never have to waste seven hours of every day maintaining it. I don't know which one's the worst... five-way tie? 

The 'Achy-Breaky Mullet'

If you combine Billy Ray's hair with the girl boy from Tokio Hotel, you get Limahl! 

The 'Desperate Cry For Attention'

Since nothing else seems to be working, maybe Christina could try this style again... burrrrrn. 

The 'I Kidnap Boys, Chain Them Up and Whip Them'

No. No, it's not good. It wasn't good in the 80s. It was never good in any way. This is awful. Awful, awful hair. 

And 1:

The 'KISS'

Keep it simple, sluts.

Now that you know mine... what are your least favourite hairstyles in music?

Song of the Day - Desert Islands

Architecture in Helsinki - Desert Islands
Album: Moment Bends (2011)

There's still over a month until the album's release, but we've got our second taste of Moment Bends with the excellent 'Desert Islands.' Not as instantly infectious as 'Contact High' but give it a couple of listens and you'll be hooked. If Moment Bends isn't on your must-buy list yet, it should be now. 2011 is Architecture in Helsinki's year. Woot!

Rating: 4/5

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #50 - 41

Madonna: Mmm... sacreligious.

Only 50 videos are left to unveil in our look at the greatest music film clips of all time. You know it's going to be good, I know it's going to be good... so why are wasting time with idle chit-chat? Let's see some incredible videos.

#50 - Bad Romance (2009)
by Lady Gaga

Take that filthy shocked/disgusted look off your face and embrace the awesomeness that is 'Bad Romance.' Gaga delivered a video that only a pop superstar could; kooky, creative, sexy, stylish. It features excellent choreography and barely lets up on the sensory assault with striking visuals and a bizarre, but somehow fitting story. 'Bad Romance' also symbolizes a new beginning for LGG... this isn't the Gaga that gave us 'Poker Face' and 'Just Dance.' This is the biggest pop star on the planet and that hasn't changed since. 360 million YouTube users couldn't be wrong.

Best Moment: Polar bear coat or the choreography? I'm going with the polar bear coat.

Song of the Day - White Rabbit

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Album: Surrealistic Pillow (1967)

Alice in Wonderland as a thinly veiled reference point for the use of psychedelic drugs... what's not to like? Grace Slick's vocals on this track remain legendary. As an added bonus, you can enjoy Emiliana Torrini's cover for the film, Sucker Punch.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos - #60 - 51

Lily goes country!

Welcome to the halfway point of the countdown! After today we're in Top 50 territory, the best of the best... of the best. At this moment we're still just looking at the best of the best.

#60 - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (1994)
by Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf's vision of Beauty and the Beast was surprisingly good. But it was the 90s... everything was good in the 90s. Everything. Anyway, in this version Meat Loaf plays the Beast as a fugitive being hunted down by the po-po. Beauty sees that he's rolling in money and fancy jewels so she's keen as keen could be, tracking Meat to his haunted mansion. She then has a bath. As you do. Then Dracula's vampire brides show up. At this point the narrative is spiralling out of control... Still, good clip, right?

Best Moment: Beauty and the now non-Beast on the motorcycle at the end.  

Top 20 - 26 March, 2011

Fever Ray claims the top spot!

1. Fever Ray - The Wolf

2. Britney Spears - Till the World Ends

3. Amanda Palmer - In My Mind (NEW)

4. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Pull Out My Insides

5. Fleet Foxes - Battery Kinzie (NEW)

Song of the Day - First Train Home

Imogen Heap - First Train Home
Album: Ellipse (2009)

It seemed like we were due for some new Imogen Heap and on Monday we're going to get some, in the form of new single, 'Lifeline.' She's also got some wacky three-year project brewing, where she debuts a new song from her album... every three months. Then she'll collect all the songs as an album... in three years time. Right. There's much more too it than that, so don't get discouraged. Head to her website so you can get a better understanding. But before you go... enjoy some 'First Train Home!'

Friday, 25 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #70 - 61

Don't be fooled... she's willing to throw you through a window!

It's Friday, Friday!! Let's get down... with some awesome videos!

#70 - Stupid Girl
by Garbage

Perfect. That's how Shirley Manson looks in this film clip. Absolutely perfect.

Best Moment: 0.43... perfect! 

Song of the Day - Why You Wanna Break My Heart

Tia Carrere - Why You Wanna Break My Heart
Album: Wayne's World OST (1992)

There was a Wayne's World marathon on last night... well, they showed both of them in one block, so that's kind of a marathon, right? Other than the usual hilariousness ("I don't even own A gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack"), I decided that Tia Carrere is awesome. Of course, I already knew that... so I guess my belief that Tia Carrere is awesome was reaffirmed? Yes... yes it was. She was a rock babe when she played Cassandra Wong, letting loose on fantastic covers of 'Ballroom Blitz' and 'Why You Wanna Break My Heart." She will be mine, oh yes... she will be mine. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #80 - 71

Alanis: There's someone in the back of your car! Ironic? No.

Girl groups, rock stars, dance acts, indie beauties and *le sigh* an emo band; you can look forward to seeing videos from these types of peeps right here, right now. P.s. you know a sigh means something when it's in French.

#80 - Hey Ya! (2003)
by OutKast

Sometimes the MTV Video Music Awards get it right. Like in 2004, when 'Hey Ya!' walked away with Video of the Year for its innovative homage to the Beatles' famed performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Best Moment: The girls get out their cameras and literally shake it like a polaroid picture. 

Music Video Mayhem - Cage the Elephant, Amanda Palmer, Naked & Famous

Cage the Elephant

Just in case you hadn't heard... it's all about the music video right now. The Top 100 Music Videos countdown continues later tonight, but it's time for this week's Music Video Mayhem! Unfamiliar with what's going on here? We take some relatively new clips and pit them against each other to see who delivered the best one. Cage the Elephant, Amanda Palmer and The Naked and Famous all have some new videos for us to check out. But who had the best?

Cage the Elephant - Shake Me Down

Nice video, but I kept having to remind myself that this wasn't a Nirvana or Beck song. Matt Shultz resemblance to a 90s rock singer is outstanding. Moving right along... anything I say will spoil the ending. So make sure you watch it right til the end. Hopefully everything will make sense after you've watch the whole thing. It's well worth your time.

Amanda Palmer - In My Mind

It's easy to lose yourself in the song while the video's playing... it's just so good. Palmer's songwriting is scary... scary good that is. And scary good is the best good... duh. 'In My Mind' works better as an anthem about accepting you for you than 'Born This Way' could ever hope to be. As for the video, it's good... well shot, the brightness matches the tone of the track and Palmer looks awesome. F*ck yes indeed.

The Naked and Famous - All of This

Sometimes a video can effect the quality of a song. You hear a song on the radio or on a CD (or you download like these crazy new-age kids) and you love it. Then the video comes out and it's pretty average... you feel a little let down and your appreciation of the song dies a little each time you see the video. Now, before you go mental, I'm not saying that's what the video for 'All of This' does. Oh wait... that's exactly what I'm saying. PSYCH! After we got the fantastic videos for 'Young Blood' and 'Punching in a Dream,' maybe I just expected too much for whatever came next. 'All of This' comes across as a film clip by any generic indie band and The Naked and Famous were doing such a good job of forging their own identity. Oh well, at least the song's a ton of fun. 


"F*ck... yes!" AFP's winners speech.

Which video was your favourite? 

Song of the Day - Thinking About You

Norah Jones - Thinking About You
Album: Not Too Late (2007)

This time last year I was living in London... not a care in the world and having the time of my life. Sometimes it's easy to forget that part of my life ever happened when the daily grind sinks its teeth in. But it did happen, it was awesome... and I can't wait to eventually go back. Part of me wants to book a ticket right now and get on a flight, but that ain't happening (debt, actually?). Don't get me wrong, Australia's good... the weather is spectacular (sans flooding) and there's the friends and the family and all that jazz. Anyway... enough about my mental defects. Let's just listen to some sweet, sweet Norah Jones.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #90 - 81

Breathe with me...

Welcome back to It's My Kind of Scene's music video bonanza... or countdown. Whatever. Last time we saw clips from a huge range of music superstars like Marilyn Manson and Kylie Minogue. Who's next up to the plate? Let's find out!

#90 - What's A Girl To Do? (2007)
by Bat For Lashes

I love long-take music videos almost as much as I love the sudden appearances of animal people riding bicycles. Natasha Khan delivers both of these things in the 'What's A Girl To Do?' video... and she does it well. It might not have the super polished look (or love of The Karate Kid) that 'Daniel' has, but it remains a personal favourite.

Best Moment: BAM! Bike riding animal people. From where? From whence?

Song of the Day - Diamonds In The Sky

TV Rock and Hook N Sling ft. Rudy - Diamonds In The Sky
Album: TBC (2011)

For those who have been wondering what TV Rock have been up to since 'The Others' came out in 2007, guess who's back with a brand new track? And they've teamed up with fellow Aussie electronic act, Hook N Sling! Bottom line is, dance fans are going to love it. While it's not likely to set the singles charts on fire, it should be a lock to top the ARIA club chart. What do you reckon?

Rating: 3/5

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #100 - 91

Brian, don't jump!

What makes a good music video? Is it an original idea or concept? High production values? Do you prefer a music video that will make you laugh or one that can make you cry? Does it need crazy dancing? How about little to no movement at all? To each individual person, a music film clip can mean many different things. Here's the first ten of my favourite 100... hopefully they're some of your favourites too.

#100 Joints and Jam (1998)
by Black Eyed Peas

A simple idea, perfectly executed. The BEP version 1.0 (aka sans Fergie-Ferg) find themselves sucked into the screen, unable to escape! The weirdest thing is seeing and Taboo actually rapping for longer than the five seconds they're given in the BEP version 2.0.

Best Moment: and Taboo lose their food and drink to 'the suck.' That monster!

Song of the Day - Emotion Sickness

What's a Nirvana?

Silverchair - Emotion Sickness
Album: Neon Ballroom (1999)

So I failed to deliver the first edition of the Top 100 Music Videos countdown last night. Mostly because I am the mucous king, sweaty Betty and doped up on antibiotics. Check back later tonight though, because I'd say that the music videos post will be ready to go. For now, enjoy Silverchair and give me some sympathy.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Song of the Day - Call Me When You're Sober

Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober
Album: The Open Door (2008)

I've never really made it a secret that I have whole lot of love for Amy Lee. She made the Top 20 Women of Rock and Top 25 Singers countdowns and, as lead vocalist for Evanescence, charted on the Top 300 Songs of the 2000s and Top 100 Songs of 2010. So, yeah... a lot of love and it's all deserved. She's a beautiful, powerhouse of a vocalist and, much like Ladyhawke yesterday, it's been way too long since there was talks of a new album release. Show me the music!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, Honourable Mentions

Backstreet's Back... and they vant to suck... your blood.

Promo clip. Illustrated song. Filmed insert. The music video has had more names than you'd probably care to know over the years, especially in the days before Music TeleVision. But we're not here to take a look at the historical timeline the naming process of the music video has taken, we're here to look at 100 of the greatest music videos of all time. "But how would you rank such a list?" you ask, face scrunched up in a mixture of bewilderment and possible need to take a bathroom break. Well, how kind of you to ask. I can wait until you get back though. Run along... take your time.

You're back? Good. To answer your question, this is a countdown, much like It's My Kind of Scene's Top 100 of the 1980s, that is based solely on personal opinion of the writing staff. Don't worry, I've got really (REALLY) good taste. What of the other writing staff? Don't be ridiculous, there are no 'other writing staff.' We'll be looking at all sorts over the next eleven posts; big budget music videos, famous film directors, budget music videos, no-name directors. It's gonna be awesome! Before we kick off the official top 100, we're going to look at ten honourable mentions to get you in the mood for the goodness that's to come. Get excited!

Honourable Mentions

One In A Million (2002)
by Bodyjar

Ball Room #1? Classic.

Song of the Day - My Delirium

Ladyhawke - My Delirium
Album: Ladyhawke (2008)

Quit playing with her delirium! The Lady has reportedly been hard at work writing for her sophomore album and I'd say it's about time she gave us a taste of what we can expect. Hopefully it will be in line with hits like 'Magic,' 'Dusk Till Dawn' and your song of the day, 'My Delirium.' Scottish act, Malcolm Middleton, came up with a pretty stripped back cover too, so you can enjoy that too. Don't say I never do anything for you.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

10 and 1 - Album Covers

Looking up the images for this post was A LOT of fun. While the amazing images that make up the 10 were a treat, it was choosing what would be our 1 for today that really cracked me up. In fact, it was impossible to choose just one cover that I thought was the worst I've ever seen, so you're getting two! As you should know by now, first up we'll be taking a look at 10 awesome, iconic album covers before you get to what could possibly be the two most offensive. Just to remind you, this isn't a countdown... just ten images I really like and one two I really, really don't. Enjoy!

The 10:

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Muse - Absolution

Killing Heidi - Reflector

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Pearl Jam - Ten

The Strokes - Is This It?

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster Deluxe

Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual

Fatboy Slim - You've Come A Long Way, Baby

System of a Down - Steal This Album

And 1 2:

John Bult - Julie's Sixteenth Birthday

Rod Stewart - An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down

How? How could a record company let this happen? Anyway, what album covers do you love... or hate?

Top 20 - 19 March, 2011

Pnau brings the awesome...

1. Pnau - The Truth

2. Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

3. Eddie Vedder - Longing To Belong (NEW)

4. Adalita - The Repairer (NEW)

5. Adele - Someone Like You

Song of the Day - Pull Out My Insides

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Pull Out My Insides
Album: Don't Say We Didn't Warn You (2011)

I wasn't sure what we could expect from the new Does It Offend You, Yeah? album after hearing first single, 'The Monkeys Are Coming.' While asserting the group as the UK's answer to Art vs Science, it didn't have huge crossover potential for the charts. Yes, we do want them to have some success... that way they can keep making albums. This is a good thing. Anyway, there's no need to fear as new album Don't Say We Didn't Warn You is chock full of goodness that is sure to earn them many new fans. Again, this is a good thing. It's Does It Offend You, Yeah's time to shine... get excited!