Tuesday, 15 March 2011

10 and 1 - UK Ladies

Polly Jean!

If you're unfamiliar with the '10 and 1' concept, let me break it down for you; I select an area in music and highlight ten good things about that genre, person, theme... it could be anything to do with music... and then I pick one crappy thing to bring you back to reality. Harsh, but that's life kiddies. Last time we looked at ten fantastic cover songs and, of course, one stinker of a cover. That was none other than Madonna's version of 'American Pie.' Such an awful, awful song. Anyway, today we're going to look at some of the best women to come out of the UK and then I'm going to try and find one not so amazing lady to represent the country. Who's it gonna be? Let's find out!

THE 10:


Amy Winehouse

Lily Allen

Florence Welch

Kate Bush

PJ Harvey

VV Brown

Little Boots

Ellie Goulding

Kate Nash

AND 1:

Victoria Beckham

Sure, she played her posh part in the Spice Girls, but there was no saving our ears from the onslaught that was Victoria Bechkham's attempts at a solo career. And really, all I could find was Posh and Kerry Katona. And there's no way I'm featuring an Atomic Kitten song on here... for now. As for the ten, this could have been a '100 and 1' list... the UK really does have some uber talented women in the music industry. You go Britain!

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