Monday, 28 March 2011

10 and 1 - Worst Hair in Music

Fashion plays a huge part in making or breaking a star. We see "shocking" outfits all the time, as singers try to outdo (or outskank) each other. A musician's hairstyle can play as important a part as any outfit can, earning a world of praise or more scorn than one person should be able to handle. Since I spend far too much time looking at what's the 'best,' today we're going to focus on the worst. Get ready for ten of the worst hairstyles we've had the displeasure to witness, plus one good style to send you off happy. Enjoy!

The Ten:

The 'Crim-fro'

That's not going to help you get an insanity plea, Spector. 

The 'Blonde-house'

Understandably, the bee-hive got heavy and Amy got rid of it. Going blonde and ratty, however, was not a good choice.

The 'Defying Gravity'

Jedward; inspiring a generation of young British boys to look like massive twats. Also, proof that you need no talent or intelligence to make it in the music industry. 

The 'Limahl'

Top-deck mullet? 

The 'Ambiguous Gender Emo'

Seriously, what was this chick thinking? What? Oh. It's a boy? Really? Either way it looks like an echidna.

The 'Mash-Up'

Alicia Keys proves that two negatives do not make a positive. Suck it nerds! But seriously, just pick one bad hairstyle next time... 

The 'High-Maintenance Man'

Fine, I'll admit it... I'm just jealous my hair will never be as long or shiny as Whitesnake's. Plus I'll never have to waste seven hours of every day maintaining it. I don't know which one's the worst... five-way tie? 

The 'Achy-Breaky Mullet'

If you combine Billy Ray's hair with the girl boy from Tokio Hotel, you get Limahl! 

The 'Desperate Cry For Attention'

Since nothing else seems to be working, maybe Christina could try this style again... burrrrrn. 

The 'I Kidnap Boys, Chain Them Up and Whip Them'

No. No, it's not good. It wasn't good in the 80s. It was never good in any way. This is awful. Awful, awful hair. 

And 1:

The 'KISS'

Keep it simple, sluts.

Now that you know mine... what are your least favourite hairstyles in music?


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