Thursday, 24 March 2011

Music Video Mayhem - Cage the Elephant, Amanda Palmer, Naked & Famous

Cage the Elephant

Just in case you hadn't heard... it's all about the music video right now. The Top 100 Music Videos countdown continues later tonight, but it's time for this week's Music Video Mayhem! Unfamiliar with what's going on here? We take some relatively new clips and pit them against each other to see who delivered the best one. Cage the Elephant, Amanda Palmer and The Naked and Famous all have some new videos for us to check out. But who had the best?

Cage the Elephant - Shake Me Down

Nice video, but I kept having to remind myself that this wasn't a Nirvana or Beck song. Matt Shultz resemblance to a 90s rock singer is outstanding. Moving right along... anything I say will spoil the ending. So make sure you watch it right til the end. Hopefully everything will make sense after you've watch the whole thing. It's well worth your time.

Amanda Palmer - In My Mind

It's easy to lose yourself in the song while the video's playing... it's just so good. Palmer's songwriting is scary... scary good that is. And scary good is the best good... duh. 'In My Mind' works better as an anthem about accepting you for you than 'Born This Way' could ever hope to be. As for the video, it's good... well shot, the brightness matches the tone of the track and Palmer looks awesome. F*ck yes indeed.

The Naked and Famous - All of This

Sometimes a video can effect the quality of a song. You hear a song on the radio or on a CD (or you download like these crazy new-age kids) and you love it. Then the video comes out and it's pretty average... you feel a little let down and your appreciation of the song dies a little each time you see the video. Now, before you go mental, I'm not saying that's what the video for 'All of This' does. Oh wait... that's exactly what I'm saying. PSYCH! After we got the fantastic videos for 'Young Blood' and 'Punching in a Dream,' maybe I just expected too much for whatever came next. 'All of This' comes across as a film clip by any generic indie band and The Naked and Famous were doing such a good job of forging their own identity. Oh well, at least the song's a ton of fun. 


"F*ck... yes!" AFP's winners speech.

Which video was your favourite? 

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