Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Music Video Mayhem - Foo Fighters, Adalita, Willow Smith + Michael Jackson

Willow: She's a modern girl, don't you know?

What makes a good music video? In Music Video Mayhem we've been looking at some new music videos, separating the good from the bad, the awesome from the Rebecca Black. Starting soon, we'll be expanding on this idea for It's My Kind of Scene's next countdown; the 100 greatest music videos of all time. I'm excited. Are you excited? I'm excited. But that's coming up later, for now we're still keeping Music Video Mayhem for new music only, so let's meet our contenders.

Foo Fighters - Rope

A step down from the budget creativity we witnessed with 'White Limo,' which is a shame. Generally the Foo Fighters go all out with a lavish, fancy looking video when they release the first single for a new album and that's not what we're getting here. We're getting a heavy rock band attempting to pull off a new indie band's debut, budget video. Nobody wins.

Adalita - The Repairer

Australia's reigning Queen of Rock or, more accurately, Australia's last remaining female rock artist, Adalita, returns with a new song, new album and new video that will hopefully bring some much deserved attention to the former Magic Dirt singer. 'The Repairer' sees her taking some inspiration from PJ Harvey, something that no mere mortal should be able to pull off, but Adalita puts in an admirable and memorable performance. It also helps that she's looking amazing... I loves me some Adalita? Considering what the budget for the video would have been, it's pretty decent. So, song = amazing, video = decent. Probably not enough to win this music video face-off.

Willow Smith - 21st Century Girl

Willow Smith definitely provides us with the video that has the highest production values today. It's super slick, has some fancy special effects and features some outfits to rival Rihanna. Pity the song suck so very, very bad. Anyway, back to the video... the witch doctor intro is a cool concept, as is uncovering the city from the sand. Jay-Z is clearly banking on young Willow becoming a huge star to finance such a high cost video for a new artist. Do you think it'll pay off?

Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight

Well, the young lady who stars as the main dancer is amazingly talented. But you have to question why they're continuing with this new Michael Jackson music experiment. The music's not the best, so let him rest in peace.


Yeah, the song's a steaming pile of poop and a far cry from the superior 'Whip My Hair,' but this is all about the video. And I love I nice looking video. Adalita gets points for creativity, 'Hollywood Tonight' gives us some amazing dancing, but Smith's team provide a video that helps the song become listenable and looks amazing. Willow Smith wins this round. 

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