Sunday, 13 March 2011

Song of the Day - Case of the Ex

Mya - Case of the Ex
Album: Fear of Flying (2000)

I've always felt kinda guilty that I didn't put 'Case of the Ex' in the Top 300 Songs of the 2000s. So, to make up for it, I'm giving the track a very special Song of the Day entry. Mya would find her greatest solo success with 'Case of the Ex,' hitting #1 in Australia, #2 in the USA and top 10s worldwide, leading to her inclusion in the uber-hit that was 'Lady Marmalade.' Sadly, she never managed to offer us a tune so very, very catchy after that, but she was good in the 'Cell Block Tango' in Chicago. She even won a Screen Actors Guild Award along with the rest of the cast. Aaaand, that's it... sit back, step back in time and start hating on that girl trying to steal your man... or something. Enjoy!

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