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Top 100 Music Videos, #10 - 1

Slash's solo... epic.

Oh, hello thurr... we've arrived at our final destination; the top 10 music videos of all time! Are you excited? You're excited. Stop pretending you're not excited. Seriously. Now that you've embraced your excitement we can get to it. Our journey to the #1 spot, and the guessing associated with said journey, is over. What's it going to be? Let's find out...

#10 - She's A Bitch (1999)
by Missy Elliott
Directed by Hype Williams

Welcome to Hype Williams' futuristic playground. In this world, Williams is the creator and Missy Elliot is the Queen. We are their loyal servants. We... are not worthy? From the start of the video, complete with titles, you get that feeling that you're about to watch something impressive. Enter Missy in black and white, slow motion walking down the hallway complete with floating coat, space suit, dark shades... bald head? It's all pretty much genius and makes for some good viewing. Williams doesn't let up with the cool imagery. We get fast cars, cowboys and then a giant 'M' rises from the water with Missy dancing on it. Yep, this one has all the ingredients of an incredible music video. We are, indeed, not worthy.

Best Moment: That slow walk down the futuristic hallway blows my mind!

#9 - Around the World (1997)
by Daft Punk
Directed by Michel Gondry

When I look at the video I see skeletons, mummies, androids, tall dudes and girls in swimsuits. And it's awesome... one of the most visually appealing videos you could find. What Michel Gondry sees is quite different and understanding it gives you a much greater appreciation for the video. As you know, Wikipedia is my favourite source for researching, so I'm going to let its description of the video fill you in.

"This is meant to be a visual representation of the song; each element in the video represents a different instrument. According to Gondry's notes, the androids represent the singing robot voice; the physicality and small-minded rapidity of the athletes symbolizes the ascending/descending bass guitar; the femininity of the disco girls represents the high-pitched keyboard; the "itchy" skeletons serve for the guitars; the mummies represent the drum machine." (Wikipedia)

Yeah so there's more to it than mummies and skeletons. Whatever.

Best Moment: The androids are too good to join in on the group dance. Jerks.

#8 - Jeremy (1992)
by Pearl Jam
Directed by Mark Pellington

A video that was so successful, the band didn't make another until the animated 'Do The Evolution' six years later. The serious nature of 'Jeremy' and its provocative and timely video would propel Pearl Jame to fame and win them four MTV Video Music Awards, including Video of the Year.

Best Moment: The last scene will stay with you.

#7 - November Rain (1992)
by Guns N Roses
Directed by Andy Morahan

Epic, the definition of. How did she die? Did she kill herself? Was it the killer rain? So many questions.

Best Moment: Slash's solo outside the chapel in the desert.

#6 - Hurt (2003)
by Johnny Cash
Directed by Mark Romanek

Mark Romanek gives us somewhat of a Johnny Cash career retrospective, showing us scenes of one of music's most legendary acts in his prime and near the end of his celebrated life. It's powerful, practically soul destroying and a stark reminder that no matter what path our lives take, we're all heading towards the same final destination. Cash was 71 when the video was made and passed away seven months after it was shot.

Best Moment: June Carter's cameo was a nice touch.

#5 - Tonight, Tonight (1996)
by Smashing Pumpkins
Directed by Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris

The Smashing Pumpkins take you on a fantastic voyage to dizzying heights (the moon?) and exciting lows (under the sea?), delivering unto us some sweet, sweet imagery which works perfectly with 'Tonight, Tonight.' Another case where MTV got it right, as the video would win Video of the Year at the VMA's.

Best Moment: Umbrellas CAN vaporize aliens. Duh.

#4 - The Hardest Button to Button (2003)
by The White Stripes
Directed by Michel Gondry

Alright, we get it Gondry... you're the god of music videos. What do you want, a medal or something? Yeah. You should have a medal, you deserve one. Anyway, simple ideas that require a whole lot of effort to bring to life earn many a point in my book. 'The Hardest Button to Button' is brilliant in its simplicity, but you know it would have taken a whole lot of love and time to make a reality. The end product is fun and ultimately iconic. You know you're onto a good thing when The Simpsons are parodying you.

Best Moment: Anytime they're in the subway.

#3 - Come Into My World (2002)
by Kylie Minogue
Directed by Michel Gondry

Really, Michel? Way to hog the top 10. You have to watch 'Come Into My World' again and again to enjoy everything that's going on. Plus, there's multiple Kylie's on the screen and that's always a win. 'Did It Again' anyone?

Best Moment: Not one moment, but watching all the stories unfold each time Minogue comes back around is mucho fun.

#2 - What Else Is There? (2005)
by Royksopp
Directed by Martin de Thurah

Everything's floating. People are floating, houses are floating... well, that's all that's floating, but it's enough. Sometimes the best looking videos are the best and 'What Else Is There?' is very good looking.

Best Moment: Is she peeing milk? We don't need a best moment anymore, the whole video is the best moment.

#1 - All is Full of Love (1999)
by Bjork
Directed by Chris Cunningham

'All is Full of Love' is permanently exhibited at New York's Museum of Modern Art. It's really that good. Bjork proves she's the Queen of the music video, taking out the #1 spot with the original, artistic and beautiful wonder that is 'All if Full of Love.'

Best Moment: Yep, the whole video.

That's it for another countdown kids... what did you think? What are your favourite videos?


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