Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #100 - 91

Brian, don't jump!

What makes a good music video? Is it an original idea or concept? High production values? Do you prefer a music video that will make you laugh or one that can make you cry? Does it need crazy dancing? How about little to no movement at all? To each individual person, a music film clip can mean many different things. Here's the first ten of my favourite 100... hopefully they're some of your favourites too.

#100 Joints and Jam (1998)
by Black Eyed Peas

A simple idea, perfectly executed. The BEP version 1.0 (aka sans Fergie-Ferg) find themselves sucked into the screen, unable to escape! The weirdest thing is seeing apl.de.ap and Taboo actually rapping for longer than the five seconds they're given in the BEP version 2.0.

Best Moment: Apl.de.ap and Taboo lose their food and drink to 'the suck.' That monster!

#99 - Work (2009)
by Ciara

Shake... tHaT... BOOTY! What? You wish you could dance the way Ciara can in knee high gladiator heels.

Best Moment: Ciara whips her hair along a platform in a way that would leave even Willow Smith doubting her abilities.

#98 - Best of You (2005)
by Foo Fighters

Director Mark Pellington used 'Best of You' as a platform to highlight scenes of pain, anger or depression following his wife's passing several months prior to shooting. I think he did a fantastic job. The quick cuts to different scenes while focusing on the band rocking out (hard) on top of an abandoned hospital work very well. It's videos like 'Best of You' that make me expect more from the Foo Fighters... hey, 'Rope?'

Best Moment: "They all died in the fire I started."

#97 - Clap Your Hands (2010)
by Sia

Sia always brings the fun with a dash of creativity in her music videos and 'Clap Your Hands' is no exception. Using bright coloured puppets, with her head acting as their faces, she becomes a koala, a brickie, a frog, some gold thing that eats the koala and a couple of other things that I couldn't quite figure out. Love it.

Best Moment: When the gold dinosaur like Sia casually eats koala Sia.

#96 - Karma Police (1997)
by Radiohead

This is what happens when Thom Yorke hops in a car. He's clearly under the influence and doesn't care about running people down. Luckily, karma whoops him in the butt at the end... or does it?

Best Moment: Running man's revenge.

#95 - The Dope Show (1998)
by Marilyn Manson

Yep... long before there was Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson was the King of the shock factor (I'm not calling Gaga a dude). In 'The Dope Show' he gave us an androgynous alien, complete with boobies and a hairstyle I've been told inspired Rihanna's latest 'do. Scary? No doubt. Can you stop watching? No... no you can't. And that's what makes a good video.

Best Moment: Manson's not-so-subtle swipe at the LAPD.

#94 - Confide In Me (1994)
by Kylie Minogue

There's definitely more substance to this one than Kylie's more recent hits, but that should come as no surprise. After all, 'Confide In Me' was released at the start of her critically acclaimed 'indie' phase. Is it taking a look at the pathetic nature of sex chat phone lines, or is it just Minogue wanting you to divulge your deepest darkest secrets to her? Given the dark tone the clip takes towards the end, I'm going with the former. What a shame this was never released in the USA.

Best Moment: Weak? CALL... NOW.

#93 - Pure Morning (1998)
by Placebo

You can't help but feel a little twinge of panic as Brian Molko looks like edges closer to his apparent suicide. Scratch that... a massive twinge of panic.

Best Moment: The absolute look of terror on the crowds face when Molko leaps from the building.

#92 - Flashing Lights (2007)
by Kanye West ft. Dwele

Sexy lady strips down in the desert. But she's got a dude trapped in the trunk of her car. And she's got a shovel! Do you see where this is going? Tarantino would be proud.

Best Moment: The half-naked strut back to the car. That and the sudden title display of 'Flashing Lights' at the end.

#91 - Black Hole Sun (1994)
by Soundgarden

The Joker unleashes his lethal laughing gas on an unsuspecting town in the American south. Wait... that's not what's happening? Could have fooled me.

Best Moment: Lipstick lady. Sometimes she visits me in my nightmares.

See you tomorrow for the next ten!

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