Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #20 - 11

Weezer + a crappy TV show = awesome.

Here we go kids, the penultimate edition of our music video countdown and today we look at ten clips that narrowly missed out on making the top 10. These are some of the most creative and iconic videos we've ever seen. Videos that can be watched a million times and never get boring. What are they? We're about to find out... duh.

#20 - We Used To Wait (2010)
by Arcade Fire

Not so much a music video as it is an interactive short film, but it's without a doubt one of the most innovative ideas in a long, long time. The Wilderness Downtown utilizes Google Maps technology to kinda make you the star of the film, with Arcade Fire's 'We Used To Wait' accompanying the clip. Unfortunately you'll need to get Google Chrome, but it's well worth it. In fact, once you've finished reading this, download Chrome and head to The Wilderness Downtown to experience the magic for yourself. 

Best Moment: "Oh! I know where that is!" If you do this properly, you'll understand what I mean.

 #19 - Soon We'll Be Found (2008)
by Sia

An idea so simple, you wonder why it hadn't been incoroporated so well into a music video before; sign language. Sia utilizes signing to create some of the most beautiful and, dare I say inspiring, imagery a singer has ever delivered. The best thing is, she doesn't sacrifice any part of what 'Sia' represents for so many people. The bright colours, the quirkiness, the smile that she instantly brings to your face... it's all there and it's amazing.

Best Moment: When the spotlight drops, showing the line of signers with coloured hands.

#18 - It's Oh So Quiet (1995)
by Bjork

Bjork has a love for movie musicals. She should... she was in one of the best, Dancer in the Dark. Everything about 'It's Oh So Quiet' feels like you're watching a musical; the increasingly complex dance sequences, aerial shots of people twirling umbrellas... the ridiculous way Bjork floats into the air like she's the car in Grease. I really hate that car. But I love this video.

Best Moment: The mailbox comes to life... and dances!

#17 - God's Gonna Cut You Down (2006)
by Johnny Cash

An amazing tribute. Each of the stars featured chose what they would be doing for their segment. Some are inspired, some feature Owen Wilson... but we won't hold that against the video.

Best Moment: Amy Lee in the cemetery. Perfect for her and the clip.

#16 - Vogue (1990)
by Madonna

Madonna pays homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood and the results are, predictably, stunning. It's inspired countless imitations, most recently from Glee and Lady Gaga. However, it's not the best Madonna video, not by a long shot...

Best Moment: Nipples! Just kidding... 3.10 Madonna dances crazy.

#15 - Buddy Holly (1994)
by Weezer

Happy Days was such a wank of a show. The Fonz wasn't cool... he was old. Old and creepy! Whatever floats your boat I guess. Anyway, the concept for 'Buddy Holly' is incredible; put the band in an episode of Happy Days. Spike Jonze cements his legacy as one of the most innovative directors with this one.

Best Moment: To Be Continued...

#14 - Maps (2004)
by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

'Maps' is like an episode of Making the Video only, you know, good. It's essentially the definition of less is more, I mean what do we get; the band rocking out in front of some randoms, a couple of lighting changes and Karen O's desperation escalating to the point where she cries for real real. The way everyone's sitting in silence at the end? That's how you'll be after you've watched 'Maps.'

Best Moment: "Houselights! Stage! Action Nick. Roll playback." You should be feeling like something epic's about to begin... because it is.

#13 - Frozen (1998)
by Madonna

Yep, so this one's better than 'Vogue.' Madonna has taken on many different personas over the years, but none as visually striking as the desert witch she appears as in 'Frozen.' Combining elements of mysticism, fantasy and gothic imagery, 'Frozen' stands out as the coolest video the Queen of Pop has ever released. The Mojave Desert was an inspired location for the shoot.  

Best Moment: Did you know Madonna was really just a murder of crows huddled closely together? How many times do you get to say murder of crows? I couldn't miss an opportunity like this to bust it out. Good times.

#12 - Where the Streets Have No Name (1987)
by U2

One of the biggest moments in the history of rock music, U2's performance on the roof of a liquor store in Los Angeles. While the majority of the police confrontations are exaggerated, you can't help but get on the side of the band, rooting for them to, um... stick it to the man?

Best Moment: The way they edit the shoot to make it look like U2 defied police orders and started playing again. Wrong. They stopped playing as soon as they were told to.

#11 - Since I Left You (2000)
by The Avalanches

It's equal parts bizarre and hilarious and 100% amazing. How could you hate? How could you hate!?

Best Moment: The big fella shows he's got the moves.

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