Monday, 28 March 2011

Top 100 Music Videos, #40 - 31

Do the zombie dance with Michael!

Monsters! Space Monsters!! Michael and Janet Jackson!!! Some horror-ific videos await us in this next installment. All this, plus the best video of 2010... let's get to it!

#40 - Planet New Year (2007)
by Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko gets married to a piano. They subsequently hop on the good foot, do the bad thing and nine months later, Blasko gives birth to a little baby piano. Doesn't that just blow your mind?! Consider my mind blown. The acting can be described as inspired, yet hilarious... mostly based on the authentic smiles Sarah sends in the direction of her piano lover.

Best Moment: Gas station choreographed dance party. 

#39 - Bad Cover Version (2002)
by Pulp

Pulp do a good job of lampooning the charity single, in this case 'Do They Know It's Christmas.' Using celebrity lookalikes to perform lines from the song in a recording studio was an awesome idea. Meat Loaf, Robbie Williams, Kylie, Bjork and even Kurt Cobain perform (in Cobain's case, from beyond the grave?) some of the segments of the song and it's pretty much amazing. I can't pick one lookalike as a favourite, but it was a nice surprise to see faux-Missy Elliott show up. 

Best Moment: The sequence with Tom Jones, Bjork, Bowie (?) and Cobain is laugh out loud funny, for real. Not some lame 'lol' funny.  

#38 - Freak On A Leash (1999)
by Korn

Todd McFarlane proved to be somewhat of a rock video mastermind in the 90s, creating some incredible concepts for animated videos. In 'Freak On A Leash' he successfully merged animation with a bullet's journey into the real world, coming face to face with the band... inside a poster. Or something. It looks cool, alright?

Best Moment: Russian-roulette hopscotch.

#37 - Thriller (1984)
by Michael Jackson

It's iconic but it's hardly the best music video ever made. Is there even anything we can talk about here that hasn't been covered before?

Best Moment: "Can we get out of here?" "Noooo, I'm enjoying this." Jerk.

#36 - Intergalactic (1998)
by Beastie Boys

Come on... it's like Power Rangers: The Music Video. Well, not really... but the whole Japanese fighting super robots aspect is there. So I geek out when I watch 'Intergalactic.' What are you gonna do about it?

Best Moment: 2.55 The Beastie Boys pose and dance in their safety space outfits, while the camera circles around them.

#35 - Nothing Compares 2 U (1990)
by Sinead O'Connor

Simple ideas can be the best. 'Nothing Compares 2 U' is essentially a close-up on O'Connor's face for the entire video. By the time she sheds her single tears, one from each eye, you almost want to have a little cry with her. But you won't. Especially if you're a dude. The clip was the first by a female artist to win Best Video at the MTV VMA's.

Best Moment: Single tears from both eyes. Impressive.

#34 - Islands (2010)
by The xx

It's My Kind of Scene's favourite video of 2010 and inaugural Scene Award winner for Best Video. In 'Islands' we're treated to a Groundhog Day style continuous loop, with little cracks starting to form throughout. Think about how hard this would have been to shoot, let alone pull off, and it's easy to see why it ranks so high on the countdown.

Best Moment: The blonde dancer realises that she wants out.

#33 - Scream (1995)
by Michael and Janet Jackson

Seven million dollars. $7 million. That's how much the video for 'Scream' cost, earning it a Guinness World Record for most expensive music video. While that alone doesn't make it worth it, watching Michael and Janet cut loose is pretty priceless.

Best Moment: Janet dancing in front of the screen with Michael on it is a great moment. A moment they recreated well at the MTV VMA tribute in 2009.

#32 - Just (1995)
by Radiohead

One of the greatest mysteries the world has ever known; what the hell does the guy in 'Just' tell the crowd at the end? Well... what does he say? Popular theories include...

  1. If you lay here you can see Radiohead playing in that window up there.
  2. What are you worth, and can you prove it by lying here with me.
  3. I dropped my keys on the floor and they went under that car over there.

But none of these are right. We're not meant to know. Radiohead probably don't even know...

Best Moment: Thom Yorke clearly went to the Midnight Oil School of Dance.

#31 - Hey Boy Hey Girl (1999)
by Chemical Brothers

Hayley Joel Osment thought he had it bad...

Best Moment: Everyone in the club is a skeleton!


  1. Wow I loved the Islands vid, I'd never seen it before! You're right, that moment with the blonde was the best.


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