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Top 100 Music Videos, #50 - 41

Madonna: Mmm... sacreligious.

Only 50 videos are left to unveil in our look at the greatest music film clips of all time. You know it's going to be good, I know it's going to be good... so why are wasting time with idle chit-chat? Let's see some incredible videos.

#50 - Bad Romance (2009)
by Lady Gaga

Take that filthy shocked/disgusted look off your face and embrace the awesomeness that is 'Bad Romance.' Gaga delivered a video that only a pop superstar could; kooky, creative, sexy, stylish. It features excellent choreography and barely lets up on the sensory assault with striking visuals and a bizarre, but somehow fitting story. 'Bad Romance' also symbolizes a new beginning for LGG... this isn't the Gaga that gave us 'Poker Face' and 'Just Dance.' This is the biggest pop star on the planet and that hasn't changed since. 360 million YouTube users couldn't be wrong.

Best Moment: Polar bear coat or the choreography? I'm going with the polar bear coat.

#49 - A&E (2008)
by Goldfrapp

Leaf-people dance around the beauty that is Alison Goldfrapp in the forest. Somewhat simple, but you can't take your eyes off the quirky creativity at work on 'A&E.'

Best Moment: 2:38 Leaf-cycle. Yep, leaf-cycle. 

#48 - Power (2010)
by Kanye West

"ITS NOT A VIDEO, ITS A MOVING PAINTING." - Kanye West. Incorrect grammar and intense use of capital letters aside, the man makes a very good observation of his own music video, oops, sorry... moving painting. Taking inspiration from Egyptian mythology and the Etteilla occult tarot deck, West does pull off something that could be described as breathtaking. As breathtaking as a fine piece of art? I'll leave that for you to decide. Anyway, it's a shame we don't get the whole song... it could have been a strong top 10 contender if we did.

Best Moment: The almost decapitation of Kanye West.

#47 - Like A Prayer (1989)
by Madonna

MTV viewers voted 'Like A Prayer' as the most groundbreaking music video of all time and the best music video to break all the rules. With good reason. Madonna witnesses the arrest of a black man, wrongfully accused of the murder of a white girl. A crisis of faith and conscience ensues (as does some wackiness), with Madge macking out with Saint Martin de Porres (nope, he's not black Jesus... don't worry, I thought he was too!) before getting her groove back with a gospel choir. That groove is, of course, the strength to testify in the accused man's defense before revealing that the whole thing was a play. Most likely a cheap off-Broadway production. Good stuff!

Best Moment: 3.08 "Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone." Delivered in a field of burning crucifixes. That's some powerful imagery.

#46 - The Scientist (2002)
by Coldplay

Told completely in reverse... and Chris Martin even learned all the world in reverse order! That's pretty special.

Best Moment: The happy nature of Martin's screen-girlfriend destroys you, knowing her fate.

#45 - Teardrop (1998)
by Massive Attack

Stunning visuals and an original, creative concept earn 'Teardrop' a whole lot of points from me. You wouldn't think that a baby in the womb would be a good fit for such an amazing song, but someway, somehow, it actually manages to work. A lot of people get creeped out... their loss. It's awesome.

Best Moment: Baby tries to sing the words. Anytime this happens is gold.

#44 - Fell In Love With A Girl (2002)
by White Stripes

Who doesn't love LEGO? If you don't love LEGO, you are a monster. MONSTER! Nah, it's cool if you don't like LEGO... Jokes! You're a total weirdo.

Best Moment: LEGO-Jack goes for a swim.

#43 - 1234 (2007)
by Feist

Infectious, colourful, perfect.

Best Moment: Feist guns down the crowd. Well, she phantom guns them down.

#42 - Glosoli (2005)
by Sigur Ros

"I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all." - Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye. Wow. Interesting piece of inspiration for this one and you can't say the final sequence wasn't born from someone's love for Peter Pan. Maybe head to YouTube to watch this one.

Best Moment: The little bit of dread you feel when you realise that the kids aren't running up a hill. The happiness you feel at the end. 

#41 - Heart-Shaped Box (1993)
by Nirvana

Ever wanted an insight into Kurt Cobain's mind? Here it is. And yes, it's as messed up and amazing as you thought it would be.

Best Moment: The Klan hat turning from white to black. The resemblance to a witch's hat is pretty neat. Not too sure if it means anything, but yeah, pretty neat.

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